I will truly not be around for awhile. It has to be done in order for me to go forward. In my absence I pray any who don’t know God and were  lead to my page I am going to write a list of things for you to do that WILL be fruitful for any who listen!! I pray this list help you. It is  SURE (TRUE) GUIDE TO FIND GOD! These words are faithful and TRUE!

  1. Get to a Bible preaching Church. if they read scripture and preach bible I say sit with them. it is wise to sit with others who know more then you. This is good for babies in Christ.  Many times understanding of the bible does not come the first time you pick it up. God truly is testing us people. We are all tried and tested.
  2. Change your music. Start putting on some kind of Christian-Godly music. So many different varieties really not a reason (excuse) you can’t listen. They have Christian rap. Christian R&B style. They have like alternative Christian. They have country Christian. I have even heard some kind of punk, funk metal? type Christian music. Look at how much God loves us! God had many people be saved and delivered so we can have variety in Christian music!  That seriously is so wonderful and shows us how much God loves us.
  3. Daily Devotion. It is essential to start putting some bible in you. I would perhaps start with a scripture a day, or even start reading chapters.  They have the bible on CD’s and you tube, and all over so many sites you can find it in audio and listen. So to those who don’t want to read, LISTEN!  I say do this daily try 5 minutes a day and try to work up to fifteen. This is highly important!  Do it enough and your eyes will be open and understanding will be given.  Follow Jesus. Also the Word is a LIGHT (lamp so we don’t fall into the ditch!) to our feet and indeed can direct our path and transform our mind. Be renewed by renewing your mind with the Word. You can also check this article out for hidden gems.
  4. Establish a prayer life. Prayer is talking to God. Truly start speaking to God like God is your best friend and Father. Ask God for strength to not sin. Ask God to help you walk upright.  Ask God to teach you how to forgive. Cry to God. it will be the best tears you ever shed. pray to God if you doubt, tell God. Ask God to help you not doubt. pray and ask God to help you rise up for God and you will do good. and truly pray to be delivered from sin because I know nobody wants to hear these messages but GOD IS HOLY!  so truthfully being holy should be your goal. I would not work on trying to get holy on my own. I would sit with God, listen to God’s words and ask God to help you. That way you won’t fail!

This is a sure (TRUE) guide to find God. if you do these things, in a twinkle of an eye you will be transformed. God will create you into new creation. It WILL be the best thing you ever did and you will thank me and God! You will be restored. healing will come and deliverance will happen and that is truth. I know these things work. I been speaking them to so many people. I watched the work of them and truthfully these are the things I have done. They are also the things God spoke to me so with that say I am praying for you friends and that is truth and my prayers are way more powerful then anything I can give.  Have a blessed day dear people and this was written from a woman who truly loves people. I love people as God does and wish no man, woman or child perish but that we all do things pleasing to God. If we do things pleasing to GOD it IS LIFE UNTO US!  Because truth be told God is only going to call those who listen, My Child all others will be cast into the lake of fire and that is truth Beloveds!

We are in the season God is separating His goat from His sheep and this is truth beloveds! This information is truly worth billions of dollars. it is priceless and I pray many find this true in Jesus name Amen! May God add unto God. Shalom!

Also do NOT stay a baby in Christ. GROW IN GOD! Pray for understanding. pray for wisdom. pray for strength, pray God help you walk upright! Luke warm gets you stepped on. Pick a side. Hot or cold. Life or death. Think that your life depends on it because HONESTLY IT DOES! and truth be told once you pick God. Your life will make sense. You will find your purpose. Your empty void will be filled and many things good will be. Because the goodness of God will be with you! Maybe not always but God does without a doubt give us a Spirit to overcome!  and as you grow in God you can really see the love of God and it is the most POWERFUL thing on planet earth! It is truth and let the truth set us free! AND IT WILL!

Also it is good to rejoice and sing God praises and stop complaining. if you hate this world ask God to put you on a path that you will enjoy.  If you have water and your hands and toes you have so much more then some in the world. So please don’t complain, but start praising God and if you are not happy. pray for change. Just wise words from a woman who loves God with all her heart, mind and soul. Again Shalom dear people. Love you guys! Written in the utmost love for all people!

The Son Never Turns Away From Us

I like this. I said in one of my videos and for many years. It is not God who leaves us but us who leave God.  God says I will never leave you. Never forsake you. it is people who forsake God and that is truth!

Lift Him Up

The Son never turns away from us.

Most folks enjoy the beauty of a perfect sunset—but in reality, the celestial body of the sun never “sets”. Our planet Earth rotates (spins) on its axis at the same time that it orbits (revolves) around the sun. 

Laymen use terminology of the sun “setting” even thoughGalileoproved Earth rotates toward the east,  which is why the sun “rises” in the east and “sets” in the west.

The reason darkness comes upon Earth is because Earth turns away from the sun’s brilliant light—the sun never turns away from Earth. This means whichever continents that are within the sun’s rays will soon enter darkness as Earth turns away. And just like Earth always goes into darkness, the same can be said for why beings go into darkness:

We turn away from the Son—The Son never turns away from us.

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Next Stage

I may not be around for a bit. I just speak this for any genuinely keeping up with me. Moving on to the next set of goals. Seriously might not be around for a month or so. Thank you everyone who visited my page. I do pray you get anything out of something I wrote. and to any truly watching. Might want to join me on youtube. There is a strong possibility I will upload videos and not post on my page for a bit. If not see you guys when I return! Shalom dear people!

Real verses fake

I am to the point in my life I would rather have one true friend then a million fake followers. Ohhh I think I have always been like that according to this video! I thank God for opening doors for me to new friendship. Who are my friends? My friends check up on me. They call to see if I am a live. They want the best for me. I think I live in a generation where not hardly any even know what a real friend is. and even worst they have no clue about love either. and that is ok. it is the times we live in.

I would rather be on the desert alone with God then be around one more fake person. Just being honest. All these kind word preachers. It truly is not right but hey we all want roses kissed up our fanny, we all want praises and honestly we would rather get the praises of men then praise God or even speak the truth of God. and honestly the whole world can hate me because that is how I feel.

New Christianity. Oh I need many likes, many followers. I did good!!! look at me. The New Christianity! But Jesus’ crowds were only huge when people wanted healing and blessings. When Jesus spoke of heaven and hell and not sinning. My the crowds grew thin. So funny, all these people with large crowds now means the holy spirit is moving according to men, but just an observation. Broad are the gates to hell. I feel like I am on the Right path because it is written you can not be friends with the world and be of God and that is a paraphrase but it is true nonetheless.

John 12:43 For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.

They preach a new tainted Jesus. I would rather sit alone with God, then stand with the world and what the world is doing. and truth be told most who claim Jesus are speaking many worldly things and that is truth. Cheers! to kind words! May we all feel good on the way to hell! and they all kept partying and drinking feel good messages and they were taken with the flood. such is the ways of the world!

1 John 2:15-17 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

Matthew 7:13-14 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Just how I feel and I don’t really expect hardly any to agree with me in this hour. Have a blessed day dear people! This letter was written in more love then any can imagine but I wonder in today’s time how many can even see it?

My testimony. Raped

I pray these words give someone out there what they need to go forward. This is a third part of these two videos. My testimony. Suicide part 1My testimony- Suicide part 2. To get the full meaning you might want to watch them all. i truly believe they are worth watching if you are broken and feeling down. let my days cheer you up.  Pity does not solve anything but the stories of others overcoming is a great help to those in need. Shalom dear people!

This will lead into other testimony I will do at another time. I pray this testimony help people. it is part of a series I am doing about real life testimony. It may be a story I tell but it is also a life I lived through! meaning this is not a story but a true testimony!