Search me oh God

Search my heart oh God, search my soul, search my inners, anything that be not right or unclean and unrighteous create with in me new members God.  In the darkness I was alone. I was wounded, I was stranded, forsaken by many who said they loved me. I was abandoned. lost, hopeless in the very pits of hell my soul sat and I anxiously (desperately) called on the Lord. I said to myself all men are liars. God let your Words be true. save me oh God for my heart is consumed, my belly sighs in grief. In agony I am consumed. I cried out to God. My heart searched wholly as the scriptures says. Seek me with your whole heart and you shall find me.

and that day was, God answered my prayers. God took away my sadness. God lifted me up in front of my enemies. had it not of been for God I would be dead in the grave millions of times over. I am a fool oh God. I have sinned before you. I have sinned against you oh God. I am sorry I do not want to do such things. create me a new beginning. a new start, a new mind oh God. fashion me after you God. make me into something you can be proud of. I will not hide myself from you. In my closet I shall seek you continuously.  in the Light I will lift up my voice. and be a sound of reason, a sound of truth. I will sing thanksgiving unto you God.

For when I was lost it is you who saved me. You who redeemed me. You who heard me. You who ransomed me.  It was you who comforted my heart. it is you who healed my mind. I give my glory to no man God but to you whom is worthy. For it was you alone and nobody else God. Nobody who could complete me. Nobody who made me whole it was you God. Only you! Forever I am grateful! Your loving faithful companion I am!

Fill me with a new cup. Fill me with praise, with thanksgiving as I give you honor oh God. restore my peace. let me always keep it, even in the presence of my enemies I shall rejoice greatly in you oh God!  i thank you for all my days. The good and bad and your amazing grace!  only you God could use all those things for your glory God and I praise you now. In front of everybody! I am not ashamed, nor afraid instead I thank you God for filling me with praise!  My lips will continuously praise you God and I will forever praise your name and speak of your GOODNESS! all through the lands.

Even if they never seen it. Even if they never knew it and I pray by doing so draw many into your Kingdom God. Fill them with song and praise and a new day as you have done for me oh God and let your Holy Spirit bare witness to God who never changes. God who makes promises and keeps them. Oh Keeper of your Word fulfill all promises for now is the hour. Let the latter reign come GOD!  Rain on us oh God and shower is with the proper rain and Son so we may grow for you oh God. Plant us a mighty garden and let it produce good fruit all through the land in your precious Holy Name I pray! Amen!

Where men fail with GOD all things are possible!  Do the impossible GOD I have faith and I BELIEVE! Written by Michelle for God’s glory!

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