Tools to go forward.

This post is written for any trying to go forward. Some wonderful tools that are around for people trying to go forward. I found in my walk with God listening to the bible out loud helps. I love reading it too. I have the bible downloaded on so many different things I own so I can take it with me everywhere I go. This is a link to download King James Version. If you do your own research you may find different versions.  The down load is free. I also noticed when I pulled it up in search seems to be other versions that are obtainable too. Romans 10:17 Let these words bless you. It is exciting to take off walking listening to God’s Word. Then you are getting spiritually in shape and also physically. Now that’s multitasking at it’s finest! ❤


Some of my favorite tools I share. Everyone I know, knows I use this one the most. I LOVE!  If these men become millionaires. I believe they deserve it. GOD BLESS THEM!  This is how I feel about it. Wrote and article about them A Noble Cause-True Blessing from GOD!  I also copy and paste scriptures from biblegateway which is another lovely site. Both Blue letter and bible gateway have an option that will read the text for you. So you can click play and hear it that way too.


And this is one of my gems to. I LOVE THIS AP!  I use it on my desktop. Not sure how it works for the phone but a priceless treasure that I have used for awhile!  God bless these people too! Olive Tree. Such a WONDERFUL resource!  I can’t praise these people enough!  Thank God for all the Wonderful ways and tools and websites God had people make to help us move forward. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BLESSING!  ❤


I use to use this ap before i just started carrying my bible with me all over. YouVersion is a pretty decent ap that will deliver you daily scriptures. or they use to anyways. Have not used it in years but I use to. Now I just carry my bible with me everywhere I go. I pray this message help a lot of people grow in God. It also helps to listen to pastors. get some sermons in you. Go to church. Draw near to God my friends. It is wise to sit under people who knew God for awhile. The bible speaks about wise counsel. Anyways this is just my advice i give to any who are looking to grow in God. I pray these messages encourage you to grow in God. have a blessed day dear people! Love you guys!

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