The Struggle with sin

Just advice I put out in the open I left as a comment else where. I pray it be a help mate to any in their time of need. Stay in the Light my friends. It is hard to sin when Jesus becomes your life. when we only put a toe in, or just our hands, is our hearts far from God? How is our prayer life? Are we putting the Word in our eyes? for it is hard to go on in former ways and be of God and in my life I struggled the most when I was luke warm. I started seeking God earnestly. out with the old, in with the new. The old friends had to go. the old habits. the old music and into myself new things were. The Gospel, The praise the worship, the set a side time for God. all of it has helped me greatly overcome. Starve the flesh, feed the Spirit. just praising alone is enough for me to say no devil. Not today, we all say we are weak but many in the bible had strength through God. it is hard to go forward being luke warm. pick a side chose God and life becomes a lot better for God turns all that bitter into better and it is truly something beautiful to be a part of! Thankful God called me out of darkness and I must be the only one who hurt when I sin, and I cried to God and asked God for strength to not sin and because of such things I have lived to see brighter days! That is the WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS of the Gospel. The Word transforms us! especially when we do and not just listen. it is a mighty thing to partake in! Just sharing my experience! have a blessed day dear people!


My prayer, Dear God I pray for  people’s strength I pray you help us overcome all our sin, all our flesh, all our worldly desires. Write with in us a new heart, a new mindset and draw us to your full body healing. restore our mind, restore our faith and help us have a change of heart in Jesus name Amen! Shine your face upon us God, to any out there who are struggling to overcome. give them a new strength, a new desire to sin not and draw them to your presence God in Jesus name Amen! I believe God you can change any and I pray you encourage many to go forward to not look backwards and give us strength to lift our heads high so we may be called Children, not bastards in your Holy Word I pray for your name’s sake, your glory, and honor God let it be done! have a blessed day dear people and Thank GOD! GOD is in the saving business. If any of us have faith we can say mountain move and it shall be. I have faith GOD!! I BELIEVE!


I pray God help a great many of us and may God add unto God daily in Jesus name Amen!

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