Party with Jesus-Turn Up!

So as I get older I find I can not keep up with all the new slang. Someone asked me if I was thirsty. I said, “yes please, can I have some water?” they about died laughing at me. I said, “what’s wrong?” They said “you’re not serious are you?” I said, “yes I am, why?” Either way I was told what thirsty meant. Wow what a way to pervert a glass of H20. The only thing I am thirsty for is water. even the Living Waters! Apparently thirsty means hungry for sex, in today’s slang.

So more new slang I found out what turn up means. I like this one (in my own version) but in today’s generation depending on the crowd, turn up means drink. turn up means smoke weed. turn up means do molly. or some kind of other drug and to those I say no thank you! Turn down! Ya’ll better wake up and see the only thing that turning up is doing is turning them caskets into graves. Turn up your bibles. Turn up your voices with songs to God. turn up those prayers and supplications. Turn up them bibles. turn up the faith! Turn up the sound on the Gospel music. Make a WONDERFUL noise for JESUS! The only party I want to be in, is revival when we are all dancing in the Spirit. Singing Hallelujah! dancing for JESUS!

It is Friday almost midnight, and if I am awake at this time I am usually singing God songs. that is why it blesses me when I read what they did in the midnight hour in the book of Acts! Fridays use to be my thirsty days when I lived in the world. I sat in clubs and I turned up and when I was alone I frowned. now my frown Is TURNED UP! and I am filled with a new song, a new attitude and a new day! I love to get drunk off the Holy Spirit and sip on this new wine Jesus gives me! Friday is a day to party with Jesus. So is Saturday and EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK!  My eyes are turned up to Jesus!


The best party I ever knew is to turn up my God music. Turn up my voice and just start praising God.  Truly is a blessed thing to be a part of.  Thank you God for calling me out of darkness. Out of clubs, out of them things that only were to kill me and destroy me. thank you God for calling me to your party! That is one party I was  and am glad to be invited to! I truly pray many turn up Jesus in their life and may it be LIFE to them in Jesus name Amen!


Say what you want but that club life gets old, that bar time wears you out, only a little time then you are an addict and it becomes a lifestyle. real hard to get out of. Lean on God for strength and I pray many people have a blessed day! Be blessed dear people. I am off to go party with Jesus! It is almost midnight! 😀  Shalom! ❤ Midnight hours

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