Only who God says I am!

Amen! I am only who God says I am and that is enough for me! ❤ Who the Son sets free is free indeed! THANK YOU JESUS! God bless everyone I pray God help many of us be set free. free from our chains, from our bondage. From anything that may weigh us down or hold us back from the Goodness of God! Jesus set us free! I am free and thanking God for each day I am alive!! let my lips praise you continuously God! I thank you for all things that you have blessed me with each day. I thank God for all things and wisdom and being able to grow. To look forward and thank you God for fixing me. For God does know I was shattered into a million pieces. lower then dirt. From dust of the ground God created me and made me whole AND I THANK YOU GOD! What an amazing thing!!! to behold the beauty of our Creator! So amazing you are LORD! ❤ I pray many be made whole. let Jesus wash you clean and create you into something beautiful Friends. these are me prayers and while I wait for God to answer them, I am just going to lift my voice and continuously praise GOD! WONDERFUL ARE YOU GOD! Unapologetically in love with GOD! ❤ #GoTeamJESUS!

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