walt disney verses reality

Walt Disney verses reality. There is no such thing as true love in three days. Honestly if you are sleeping with people you only knew for three days, BE CAREFUL! You are sleeping with a stranger. No matter how good they make you feel. No matter how much your heart beats. falling for someone you met three days ago IS DANGER! The world is full of strange people. Many people will do all things and not even have a thought about you or your feelings. I pray some of us wake up. Whether it be man or woman. There is a difference between lust and love. TRUE LOVE DOES NOT COME IN THREE DAYS! I pray many get over that fairy tale. For that kind of thinking has people lost in the land of confusion searching for fairy tales when we live in the real world.
Anyways tired of seeing broken people who are chasing movies. That is not reality. Real love is established over time. real love stays. Real love does not depart. Real love will be with you when you are sick. when you are down. Real love will lift you up. I pray many of us find true love and before that i pray many of us fall in love with self first! then that way we can come out of this deception that life is a movie and come to terms with some real facts of life. Those are my prayers even if people don’t like them. I am tired seeing people hurting because they are chasing walt disney instead of reality. I pray many of us overcome this magical spell that was placed on many of us from an early age.
It is a lie, a spell, not good and not true at all and has many walking around confused, chasing love in one night stands and honestly it just is sickening. I pray many overcome this black magic in Jesus name Amen!

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