Enchanters. Everyone thinks life is a game. God is not real. the devil is not either and then there are many who believe in one and not the other. An enchanter will say kind words. Look pretty to the eye. offer things that sound good but in reality they hate you, they want nothing to do but make you miserable. Be careful me friends. Eventually if you watch long enough you will catch an enchanter and be able to see them for what they are. this is why I suggest people get to know their mates before they sleep with them.
I know it is not a message many today want to hear, but I still deliver it anyways. Tired seeing all these broken people, broken families, all because we sleep with enchanters. (strangers we do not know) they look good, they smell good. i barely met them 24 hours and I am in love. the Television will lead many to believing this fake love exist and many will seek it out then get mad later when their other half is gone. I pray God help many over come lust, overcome enchanters, overcome the lie of I just met someone and love them and all ready gave them sex. it is ruining the world and that is truth. Anyways God bless everyone I pray everyone have a wonderful day.. These things were written so prayerfully some of us wake up. This message can be for guy and girl. I pray they be words to consider In Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear people!

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