Cheap words-random thoughts

Saying I love you means nothing. if they don’t show you, time to move on. Anyone can say a kind word. But what are they DOING? Actions speak louder then words. I know I seem to be special. For many people do things for many and they take them for granite. I never have to be told I am loved by those I know love me. For they show it in deeds. If I have to beg you to call me, move on. if I have to tell you how to treat me. Good bye. treat people how you want to be treated. Actions speak louder then words. Anyone can say they love you. Show me in deeds. I don’t mean gifts. I mean it is a certain way to treat people you say you love. Food for thought.

In today’s generation I don’t want to be told any love me. For hardly any even know what love is. they think it is the thing in their pants, or smelling beautiful and looking good. Totally not interested in fake love. and good luck to those who are searching for today’s new fake love. it ends in death and hurt and bitterness. Just totally not interested and if you do love me, I don’t have to be told it. I should see it in deeds. Just my thoughts on it all. Even if they are wrong these are the things I live by. For I am the one who when I love they will know, I love them by my deeds, by my actions. and yes even my words.

random thoughts by Michelle Stokes.

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