As it should be

From beginning to end it is written sin not. This is for LIFE unto us. Tomorrow is promised to no man, neither is one second from now. men can not repent from their grave. neither can we call out to God in hell. The end could be tomorrow, next week but all men, women, and child are born knowing they will die one day. get right with God while you are in the land of the living. Then as in my life, as you are right with God. The coming of God does not matter. for honestly what be if God does not come for 100 hundred years? are we waiting for our last breathe to get saved? I won’t even speak about end days anymore. Seems foolish. When you get right with God. God removes all doubt, all fears and it is replaced with trust and honestly that is heaven on earth!!! it is complete peace and happiness and then it is so beautiful to rest and wait on the Lord! I am glad to be free of worry and fretting about raptures and what not. it seems like 10,000 burdens were lifted from me once I came to reality with God and this world! Thank you God! Indeed you are WONDERFUL! i think Proverbs 3 should be the core of almost every doctrine and belief in this world. Just my thoughts though!

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