Seeking God

Why do I believe in God? not because of some book. not because of some traditions. I believe in God because I called out to God when nobody seen me and over and over God answered me. I use to say vain prayers like Lord let me win the lottery. I use to ask for things not right by God. Those prayers were not answered. But when I sought God with my whole heart, I found God and I am just so thankful to be a live to sing God praises. if people knew how much that is of a miracle in itself. My God you are so amazing!! I pray help many people see you today. So they can see why I sing! I love you God. Bless someone’s heart out there today. Comfort their tears. Help them stand upright. Make yourself known to them God. Let it be a WONDERFUL testimony for you GOD! For your glory and honor and names sake God. For all things that you created!
In the garden God made man and woman. It is wise for all people to follow Jesus but honestly if one sits with Jesus you will see Jesus is the love of GOD. Not many understand the love of God and some only speak a kind love. They do not speak God wholly. God loved us from the beginning! God said eat not of the wicked fruit. You know some people look at the left of the bible and they never see God on the right. and some look at God on the right and say they are different. My friends it is one God. God has always been God. God does not change. if people read their bibles. They will see God is explained. In the beginning God says I will do this so they fear me. I will do this to remember me. This I will do to let myself be known to all nations.
Jesus is prophecy that was fulfilled. For God promised to come and lead us and so it was fulfilled in New Testament, thru Jesus. God has said do not eat of the wicked fruit since the beginning which was called fruit of knowledge of good and evil. and these things had to be. For it was the season and many things have come to pass on earth and it was so none of us would ever forget God.
So much I could add to this letter, but honestly I am writing it simple. Jesus is the tree of LIFE. Jesus is the Bread of LIFE, He is the Light. The Light of men. Jesus is the way! That is truth. Whether people believe it or not does not make it less so. for the non believers I pray you get a bible and start reading. I say read it like a book but honestly, so many say they pick up the bible and can’t get past the beginning. Then start in New Testament. But seriously to snub up your nose at Old Testament is to act like the very same things do not exist in the world today.
if you are judging on just one half. You are not getting the whole picture. Either way I pray this message bless people. When people start seeing they still until today are people, then perhaps the bible will be a Blessed Beautiful Book to them too!
I pray many find the love of God, and to truly finds God’s love is to realize God is holy and then ask God to help you turn from your wrong ways. We should not play with God’s grace, and mercy but seriously seek God earnestly. Just words I consider to be food for growth. I pray they be fruitful to the reader! Be blessed dear people!
So many people seek God for so many different reasons. I pray these words land on the lap of a broken person and God use them to make you whole. For I was once broken and that is when I sought God and I am thankful. Again I pray these words fall on the lap of a broken person and may you call on Jesus and be saved. God is the Potter my friends. I pray God fix those pieces and create you into something beautiful.
I pray God make you whole. that God fill that hole, fill that sorrow, take away any bitterness and just give you a new spirit my friends! If God did it for me I believe God can do it for any willing! That is my testimony! Come to God with doubt. Come to God how you are. Come to God with a repented heart. (wanting to go forward-remorse) Seek God in your closet, Seek God in Church, Seek God in your Word. I just pray many seek God.  Do it diligently my friends! Do it wholeheartedly and I pray your heart be made whole for such things in Jesus name Amen!
Written by MichelleJS for God’s glory!

As it should be

From beginning to end it is written sin not. This is for LIFE unto us. Tomorrow is promised to no man, neither is one second from now. men can not repent from their grave. neither can we call out to God in hell. The end could be tomorrow, next week but all men, women, and child are born knowing they will die one day. get right with God while you are in the land of the living. Then as in my life, as you are right with God. The coming of God does not matter. for honestly what be if God does not come for 100 hundred years? are we waiting for our last breathe to get saved? I won’t even speak about end days anymore. Seems foolish. When you get right with God. God removes all doubt, all fears and it is replaced with trust and honestly that is heaven on earth!!! it is complete peace and happiness and then it is so beautiful to rest and wait on the Lord! I am glad to be free of worry and fretting about raptures and what not. it seems like 10,000 burdens were lifted from me once I came to reality with God and this world! Thank you God! Indeed you are WONDERFUL! i think Proverbs 3 should be the core of almost every doctrine and belief in this world. Just my thoughts though!


Enchanters. Everyone thinks life is a game. God is not real. the devil is not either and then there are many who believe in one and not the other. An enchanter will say kind words. Look pretty to the eye. offer things that sound good but in reality they hate you, they want nothing to do but make you miserable. Be careful me friends. Eventually if you watch long enough you will catch an enchanter and be able to see them for what they are. this is why I suggest people get to know their mates before they sleep with them.
I know it is not a message many today want to hear, but I still deliver it anyways. Tired seeing all these broken people, broken families, all because we sleep with enchanters. (strangers we do not know) they look good, they smell good. i barely met them 24 hours and I am in love. the Television will lead many to believing this fake love exist and many will seek it out then get mad later when their other half is gone. I pray God help many over come lust, overcome enchanters, overcome the lie of I just met someone and love them and all ready gave them sex. it is ruining the world and that is truth. Anyways God bless everyone I pray everyone have a wonderful day.. These things were written so prayerfully some of us wake up. This message can be for guy and girl. I pray they be words to consider In Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear people!

Cheap words-random thoughts

Saying I love you means nothing. if they don’t show you, time to move on. Anyone can say a kind word. But what are they DOING? Actions speak louder then words. I know I seem to be special. For many people do things for many and they take them for granite. I never have to be told I am loved by those I know love me. For they show it in deeds. If I have to beg you to call me, move on. if I have to tell you how to treat me. Good bye. treat people how you want to be treated. Actions speak louder then words. Anyone can say they love you. Show me in deeds. I don’t mean gifts. I mean it is a certain way to treat people you say you love. Food for thought.

In today’s generation I don’t want to be told any love me. For hardly any even know what love is. they think it is the thing in their pants, or smelling beautiful and looking good. Totally not interested in fake love. and good luck to those who are searching for today’s new fake love. it ends in death and hurt and bitterness. Just totally not interested and if you do love me, I don’t have to be told it. I should see it in deeds. Just my thoughts on it all. Even if they are wrong these are the things I live by. For I am the one who when I love they will know, I love them by my deeds, by my actions. and yes even my words.

random thoughts by Michelle Stokes.

walt disney verses reality

Walt Disney verses reality. There is no such thing as true love in three days. Honestly if you are sleeping with people you only knew for three days, BE CAREFUL! You are sleeping with a stranger. No matter how good they make you feel. No matter how much your heart beats. falling for someone you met three days ago IS DANGER! The world is full of strange people. Many people will do all things and not even have a thought about you or your feelings. I pray some of us wake up. Whether it be man or woman. There is a difference between lust and love. TRUE LOVE DOES NOT COME IN THREE DAYS! I pray many get over that fairy tale. For that kind of thinking has people lost in the land of confusion searching for fairy tales when we live in the real world.
Anyways tired of seeing broken people who are chasing movies. That is not reality. Real love is established over time. real love stays. Real love does not depart. Real love will be with you when you are sick. when you are down. Real love will lift you up. I pray many of us find true love and before that i pray many of us fall in love with self first! then that way we can come out of this deception that life is a movie and come to terms with some real facts of life. Those are my prayers even if people don’t like them. I am tired seeing people hurting because they are chasing walt disney instead of reality. I pray many of us overcome this magical spell that was placed on many of us from an early age.
It is a lie, a spell, not good and not true at all and has many walking around confused, chasing love in one night stands and honestly it just is sickening. I pray many overcome this black magic in Jesus name Amen!