GOD verses religion

GOD cares about people. men care about religion. GOD calls us out of sin. men call us to their churches. Do not be deceived GOD has been speaking to men , and women before churches were even made my friends!  This is TRUTH!  it is great to go to church but time for people to understand GOD cares MORE about people then BUILDINGS!  For if it was not for people the buildings could not even of been made. and many religions are forsaking people so their churches can be made. I pray many sit with God and come to understanding GOD said SIN NOT and these things WERE LIFE TO US!  Church is great it can help but honestly so many churches not doing right by GOD I pray many people put their eyes directly on GOD and watch out for religion my friends.  For if so many churches did right by GOD this world would not be as it is now! Just words to consider. i pray instead of men building up their churches GOD build up us people!  in Jesus name Amen!



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