God’s anointed

I pray many of us get God’s anointing for it is written there would be a day when there would be NO MORE TEACHERS! For men are only anointed by serving God. all the pastors and preachers become by sitting with God. I pray many sit with God that way they can be Holy Spirit lead and instead of us praise one man or woman we can PRAISE GOD TOGETHER! Honestly it is more effective to PRAISE GOD then a pastor and this is A TRUE MESSAGE!

GOD verses religion

GOD cares about people. men care about religion. GOD calls us out of sin. men call us to their churches. Do not be deceived GOD has been speaking to men , and women before churches were even made my friends!  This is TRUTH!  it is great to go to church but time for people to understand GOD cares MORE about people then BUILDINGS!  For if it was not for people the buildings could not even of been made. and many religions are forsaking people so their churches can be made. I pray many sit with God and come to understanding GOD said SIN NOT and these things WERE LIFE TO US!  Church is great it can help but honestly so many churches not doing right by GOD I pray many people put their eyes directly on GOD and watch out for religion my friends.  For if so many churches did right by GOD this world would not be as it is now! Just words to consider. i pray instead of men building up their churches GOD build up us people!  in Jesus name Amen!



Drug problems

So many can spend thirty dollars a day on weed (or other vices) and that is being kind and you see these same people walking around saying they broken. My friend you are not broke you have a problem and honestly people can argue weed smoking and what not but our vices, what are they doing to our pockets? I pray their be a generation of drug free that considers such things.  We don’t want to speak about God, but honestly God did not want us broken or left in poverty. a 30 dollar a day habit is all ready 300 in ten days and in 30 days that is 900 dollars. My friends you are not broke you just seriously need to evaluate your actions.  Just food for thought for people tired of being left in bondage. Believe it or not God told us not to sin for reasons, for LIFE UNTO US!   the truth about God many do not know because they do not know God. Food for growth!  have a blessed day dear people!

Excuses ain’t about nothing!

Started from the bottom, now I’m here, So many want to sit on top. I pray many go read the story of Joseph and no, I don’t mean the one that married Mary. I mean the one in Genesis. and ladies stop looking for men to solve everything. Look at Ruth and let it be a good example for us. and stop opening our legs. can’t be single mothers raising babies if we aren’t opening our legs. that is truth! best birth control in the world is NOT TO HAVE SEX! I pray many can see real wisdom when it is given. have a blessed day dear people!