God’s Peace

God did not come to bring to the world peace, not as the world knows it anyways. God came to give each man WILLING the peace of God. that is about where the peace ends. All men SHOULD love their neighbor. But not all men do, nor will they ever on this world. There will always be those who gossip. Those who judge, those who accuse the brethren, those who back bite. Talebearers will still be. lying will be and all things wicked will be on this world anyways. This is why there will be a final judgement one day. There may be a season of peace and maybe even peace among a few people. the devil is real. The devil came to steal, kill, rob, murder, hate, accuse, This world is a test. Created for something men can not comprehend. Even me I do not fully understand God. I only speak and know what I am given.
I honestly don’t want to know anymore. I hid the Word in my heart so i do not sin against God, and honestly there is where I stand and then it comes to praise, honor, worship, obey. You can be kind to some. But too many bowing down to the wrong people, and there are others who say we are to bow down to all people. They will speak say a kind word, and you should be this way, and act that way. And they will judge you in the flesh, but they see not all things. Nor are they God. Nor are they able to think like God.
I pray each one of us, although I do know that will not be. I know a great multitude will find God, but in what hour? For if we are truly are in the end as people say, it is not even possible that all men would be saved. We could be in the hour of revival for both are written in the end and honestly seems a lot of people still want truth. But others will say nobody will. If peoples eyes are really open as they say then you would see we are not judges my friends. For people will say this person can not be saved. GOD WILL SAY I CAN DO ANYTHING! God said in the end days my people will speak TRUTH! if you call speaking truth judging then LETS ALL BE TRUTH TELLERS!
Then others will say they are saved and GOD will say WHO ARE YOU? I KNOW YOU NOT! if our eyes are open to the FULL Word then we would know each one of us will answer to GOD and truth be told, I would rather just listen to God. Everyone can call each other out, point out all people’s fault. in the Word of God so many things called sin. many won’t even speak on. I could point out one sin but honestly why? so many things God says are sin that people still do. I am to the point in my life, i just want to sit with God. not because any are watching. Not to put on a show for people. But because this is just who I am now.
It really is time for people to work out their own salvation with God and prayerfully that is more then one day of the week. Anyways God bless everyone. I love you guys. You can call me names, look at me. say anything you want and each day I rise I will still rise and give God thanks. I will say worship, praise, sing songs to God. Lift up my voice. I will rejoice and pray for people daily. I love everyone and honestly I just pray many people start seeking the Lord. the ones broken, The ones sitting pretty, all people. and those are my prayers! Be blessed dear people! I pray many people are having or have a blessed day! I know my day is blessed and I am thanking God for another day of life. I pray God fill many with good spirits and a new joy, because what GOD gives men just can not steal it. Have a blessed day dear people!

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