Family Restored

a virtuous woman would only submit to a man who knows God and Godly men would not be dominating they would be like Christ and both would understand we complete each other not compete each other. Just my understanding.
I pray their be many men who rise up and be Christ like and many woman be of virtue and may God restore family in Jesus name Amen! Unless we are made whole in God we will never be whole my friends! I believe this with my whole heart!

Devoted people of God

There are genuine people who love God. They will take you from verse to verse, Chapter to chapter and honestly God bless these people. I do not speak against every single person who preaches God. i do not think I am the only one speaking truth. i thank God for people who love the Lord, even those ear tickling message serve a purpose.


I know there are some good preachers out there. But if you never read the Word if you never pick up the bible out of Sunday you probably are not very happy in life. It is good to sit with elders. Sometimes it seems I am against everyone but honestly I am against nobody I just pray many people read their bible. it is ok to ask elders to Teach you. it is ok to go to a church and let your pastor feed you. it is ok to hear a message online but it is also great to  read the Word on your own, or with your teacher.  So many ways we can grow in God.  My prayers are not against the pastors but really for the people. I pray people get a genuine desire to serve God wholly my friends and if it takes a pastor for you to achieve that then great! if it takes looking at false religion to find true God. then fine. if it takes you hearing people’s words to repent then that is great. i just pray we grow in God in Jesus name Amen!


Sorry I don’t really care for watered down Gospels and when i started maturing in God I was always so thankful for those hard core bible thumpers. and honestly I guess that is who I am. I thank God for everyone who thumped me over the head with my bible for it was LIFE and I am glad they did it! even if I did not care for at that second!  In my hour of need you never know when a word rebuked is a word received. it is not my job to make you believe. Plant a seed and God waters it. God is WONDERFUL MY FRIENDS!


God bless God’s devoted people! God bless all people because whether it be good or bad we do lead an example. if you are bad we look at you and say lets not be them, and if you are good we say man I should be like that, or people with any sense do anyways. so thank God for all people! I am so in awe and love with God. it is amazing how everything on earth all works for God’s good! ❤ So divine my friends! ❤

God bless face book

Never gets old. So for the last two days I have been on facebook. and I kid not every single time I am there only takes a half a second before I get shut down. I usually don’t make it past two days. I long ago gave up using them as a source to speak. but I was lead by God to do a few things there and sure enough not even two days later I am under restriction. That makes me laugh. Apparently you can not tell people to read the Bible. it offends them. anyways I just laugh because if I wanted to promote porn, beating people up, drugs, gang violence like any wicked thing under the sun you never ever see these accounts get closed down. Anyways i did not expect anything less and I am not mad. i truly can say God bless facebook! I pray everyone’s day is blessed, beautiful and wonderful. Lord I pray enough saw the things I said let it be good for you God in Jesus name Amen! I could care less about fame, numbers or anything I just say over and over read your Word follow Jesus and somehow that has offended every religion but then again I boldly said i was not a Christian and I know that offends people too. people do not want to hear you can love God without religion. makes the religious people angry.

Also I will say it boldly Acts 2:38 is not the only scripture that it takes to get to heaven. Sit with God, follow Jesus and read your Word. and boy saying that highly offended those Pentecostals and also I am not shy I did call out their tongue to. I say speaking gibberish is not sign of the Spirit the evidence of tongues would be clean speech for unclean lips speak unclean things and anyways that made them mad. I honestly care not who is offended. I pray many get in the Word. people are being deceived by just one verse I say read the Word and that makes me the enemy and so be it.

I am not here to bow down to people. nor are people my master. Sorry honestly I pray i offend none, but some who are lost sit in the Word. for it is truth half serving does not help you. and these are the things i said that made the religious people mad. anyways God bless everyone. I don’t speak for those who don’t want to hear, many are lost and cheering for me and for them is why I speak. Anyways people you can find Jesus without religion and you can be Born again of Living Waters and that IS TRUTH FRIEND!

Either way God bless every single person out there. it has never been about Michelle. it is about pointing people to the Word. Seek God wholly and you shall find God. the scripture does not say seek Pentecostal and you are saved. it does not say Catholic is the only way the bible says JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY! and honestly if people sat with Jesus they would understand this.

and also apparently according to religion we don’t have a mind, and we can not be sin free. we are to bow down and submit to the devil and make excuses for our sin. i kid not these are basically the words that were spoken to me. AMAZING!