Advance Bible Study On Sin #2

I pray many watch this as we ought to read our bible. from beginning to end. Might be some good advice to take notes and go look things up. Have a blessed day dear people! I also pray this help a great many people and God help us see truth and come to understanding of the Word, in Jesus name Amen!

This message is taken from the first part which can be found here. This message is not for babies, but at the same time it is given to people who don’t know a lot about the Word. it is not for people who delight in their sin. To those who enjoy hurting. to those who enjoy the struggle to those who like lies and appreciate them, THIS MESSAGE IS NOT FOR YOU FRIENDS! But to those who are broken, to those who know the struggle, to those who sit in sorrow and want to come to some truth I pray you watch this video from beginning to end, and I pray God help many of us in Jesus name Amen! Part one of a few.

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