This page is turning into a Vlog page. Need to give my fingers a break so many other things I am doing. I pray my videos be a helpmate to many listeners. Have a blessed day dear people! Also feel free to join my you tube channel, hit subscribe and turn on notifications for daily edifying, random chatter, bible study, stories of my testimony. (which I have so many) I am just going to be Michelle and I invite any who come to my page to join me daily. get to know me. Sometimes online people judge you by one video. and honestly in real life many do that also.

Just the same as judging a book by the cover. and by doing such, you may miss out on the best story of your life, you might miss the love of your life, you might miss knowledge that you could of used. Anyways I am the type of person, I don’t like to judge by appearance. I listen to speeches. I watch, I pay attention. I am observant of the people, I want in my life and I hope I can be people’s friend, for many have been telling me for decades now I am their bff. but honesty I am a friend to all people, That is how I was as a kid, as an adult, and even now. Anyways, as always, I just pray my words help people go forward. thank you all who come to my page, thank you all who join me, thank you those who listen and even the ones who don’t I am not mad at you. Love you guys. Have a blessed wonderful day dear people!

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