Rapture theory debunked

So as I stand right now my writing is better then my speech, and by the time my speech is better I will no longer speak or teach this message. I did a video about this and I do know it was not that clear, and since many use my speech to not hear. perhaps this is better written and honestly feel free to debate it on your own. wrestle with God, and ask God if I speak truth or not. But anyways this is my last written message. Wrote as a comment, I wrote somewhere else.  I will not write this again friends. The message has been delivered for years now to crowds God told me and I listened and this is for any standing who have not yet heard it.

You guys do what your own hearts, minds and conscience tell you, for thank God I am no longer passing on this message! God gave me a message today I can be myself! PRAISE GOD! i did not like spreading messages for God, honestly it was the hardest thing I ever done and I took so much beating for it. God told me just today I no longer have to do that stuff and I believe God for it is like God had somebody write a message for me today and that was huge blessing! ❤ anyways I pray this message bless someone today. God calls us out of sin and that is the truth of the Gospel and I am sorry for all the liars who spoke any different my friends.  Any who are interesting I will read the Word out loud daily. Come and listen if you like, if not don’t. either way I pray somehow someway this message bless people and have a wonderful day and God be with many on their search for truth. I am not searching. for God spoke and gave it to me many years ago and I am very content in the things God gave me!

God is the Spirit of life. when God pulls the spirit of life what will happen? there will be no more love. there will be no more life for it is God’s spirit that is breathed with in us. The men will war they will fight among them self. they will kill each other, there will be famine and since evil people would rather kill then work. no one will til the ground. some who thought there were Christian will horde food thinking they are safe. they will only be safe for a bit. When God pulls His spirit from earth the earth will survive not even seven years. it is a horrible way to die. so many who thought they were studied will be left. so many who mocked God’s messengers will not make it when God pulls His Spirit. it is a terrible second death to suffer and while you guys studied, i saw it as a kid before it was even spoken to me. I saw the days of Noah I spoke them as a kid and got in trouble although nobody spoke the story to me. I heard God since 4. I had so many visions come true but it is ok sit and argue with michelle. I do not have to defend myself. So many stuck on one side of the bible they could not see. then their is religion which blinds men for they follow their pastor, never sit with Jesus, never learn from their Teacher (meaning God) and honestly if people really knew the end they would not say come lord come quickly for if God came today not much of this world would be saved… not any preach against sin they only preach heaven. and because of such the blood of the innocent will fall on their hands. God can not be mocked. God does not come back a second time. no man will be able to escape. instead of us speak sin we sit in groups, and high five our friends, say how holy we are. say how saved we are. we don’t even teach how to come out sin just say false words with little meanings. get high fives and likes. i need not one like from men, nor do I need your approval. my wisdom comes from God and God will bare witness for while you guys were studying the Word, God was visiting some of us as a kids and God planted a seed with in us that no man can chop down. no enemy can steal, and not one single human will silence them. For God gave them faces of flint so that way when they are mocked they can kindly say have a blessed day. it is written speak the words I give and if they do not receive you wipe the dust off your feet and keep going. anyways God bless everyone. have a wonderful day friends. feel free to study, argue, debate and all things wicked men can imagine. For many who study the Word don’t even know before a book was created, God gave them the Words that are written. I type two fingers looking down if I made a mistake I hope your able to understand…………………………………………..Hell is earth when a ball of fire hits earth it will burn and all people left standing will be in hell my friends it is truth whether men believe it or not. What happens where there is no more God, if it was not for God this planet would not be right now. We all like to play games, exalt self, say my religion is the way, teach things no man knows, exalt self like we are all knowing. i studied blah blah not to mock you, but we do understand God is smarter then anyone on this planet and it is written even the elect would be confused. perhaps it is because they do not humble. only mock and exalt the man made knowledge they give themself. anyways feel free to argue. Have a blessed day. I was sent to speak not debate. there be many this day who will reason. if my words seem not true, may God have mercy on your soul and open your eyes to truth and if I am lost that would make God a liar, and my whole life not one time has God ever lied to me. i didn’t just wake up and have a dream, I’ve had thousands and much the same I spoke many to many and they mocked me also and truth be told it was a sad day for them and this is truth even if men do not want to receive it……………sorry God does not judge us. God gives us over to our own master we chose, for God did not make the vials. men did when they chose their god over God. all plagues and destruction will be by men’s hand for God came not to judge. Judgement was written before men even comprehended. sin leads to death and destruction and this is how earth will be destroyed by the hands of wicked men when their hearts were wicked. I did say in my video I could not explain it well, for hard to explain the things of God. I pray I spoke in a manner men can understand have a wonderful day dear people. You do not have to believe I honestly just do not care who does, because honestly God gave us free will. but some of you may care, for many people are lost and instead of you say sin not, you sing come lord come quickly and again these people will be lost and their blood will be on your hands. in the bare minim these might be words to consider. but hey what do i know you are the guys studied according to your words

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