Relationship advice to women only, men no peeking!

Ladies I am not sure there are any ladies left in the world who can receive or even understand this message. I apologize for all your fake friends who lead you wrong, for the people who never showed you love the proper way. But I as I do with all my best friends I just offer my advice. I am speaking to you like I do all my lady friends, because I love you guys and I want us ladies to go forward. I pray if little girls get sent to my page that this be some sound wisdom to help us turn into grown women, That is my prayers. Be blessed dear people! and may the ladies out there really consider these words and take them to heart, thought, prayer and some good old fashion bible reading. That’s my prayers friends and I pray us ladies watch until the end and may these words encourage you to be strong. To live right and lead our children. For the next generation. God bless us and may God help us go forward in Jesus name Amen! Be strong in the LORD friends!

A conversation about dressing

Ladies this video is for us and I speak like I do to all my best friends because honestly I only want the best for us. I pray this message don’t be a message that makes us bitter but let it be something we consider. A conversation about dressing. This is not the normal conversation about dressing the churches usually give. this is just some knowledge I present so people can make up their own decision. I pray many people are lead by God. I also pray this help a lot of who struggle to find the truth. I pray this truth be a great help to some in Jesus name Amen!