When the people want murder

I am going to write freely. i saw something on news about the number of murders. it is all over. For many years we did not want God my friends. We wrote off the ten commands. We made a new love and we put it on a platter. Say a kind word. Turn your eyes. Pastors stop preaching against sin. People took the ten commandments down and now there is murder all around. When people no longer want God we are given over to a reprobate mind. The world is a result of such. I pray many people get bold and instead of worry about collection plates we start considering some things.

Why did God tells us not to sin? Why Did God tell us not to murder? Why did God say to marry? Why did God say not to steal? We all follow Jesus. (so many say) But it seems nobody knows Jesus never came against these commands.Another thing I notice we all look with in America but it seems it is in all countries. It really truly is like we are in the garden of Eden (Or even worst the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.) all pointing fingers at each other, shifting blame around. nobody admit faults. Nobody solves problems, just pass the buck around.

Everyone says change will not be, but I been all over and who is changing to see? Either way my friends, it seems when the people want murder, murder is what becomes, and In my bible only the devil murders, and nobody ever comes against that. Why would they? does Satan come against Satan? Why did people stop speaking the commands of God? what has become since such things have become?

So they say God is not real but many who say that never even lift their voice to God. they never read their Word to prove God real, only wrong and then they never see God in the beginning that created all things or even Jesus the Son who came in LIFE. Anyways random thoughts. Good night dear people. I can speak encouragement all day and honestly I love to mix it in but if we all search looking for a fairy tale land, many people die today hurting, and it all goes not seen, barely heard. What if it was you? Does nobody want better for the next generation? If we can not speak it out loud can we at least start teaching it to our children?

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