Let the dead bury the dead

Abortion verses all the living babies on earth. Jesus says a sentence, and I just speak this not to sound heartless but honestly I pray people consider such things. It is great to speak about all the babies that have not came out the mother’s womb but in the same breathe how can we over look the babies that stand here alive on plant earth? I am not for abortion at all but this is just a statement I put in public. I am not going to argue about pro life and politics most get in, in the normal abortion topics, but I am going to ask people to please look deeper.

I am against abortion, but honestly why do so many people stand up for the children not yet in the world, but yet turn our eyes to the ones alive? I do not condone murder, but honestly some babies are better not being conceived then to be born in what some women are putting them in. I am being serious especially when we look at children being raped and all types of things. I am not God and I am not going to pretend I am, but honestly why do we stand up for babies not being born into the world, when so many babies die in the world today and barely even go noticed?

So we can keep on standing up for dead babies, but we can’t speaking for living children? So what is abortion going to do for the little girl raped yesterday? What is abortion going to do for the babies born in the dumpsters? What is abortion going to do for the living children who suffer in earth now? I am sorry not being funny, but I don’t know a lot about laws, so this is a serious question, is the money for abortions going to feed the children alive today?

I am not for abortion at all and honestly I pray the ones who want to argue really look at my words, and for the ones who will try to twist them, I just end this with a simple question. So speak for babies that never leave the womb and ignore the ones born in the world? Just seem to be the new way.

On a deeper note. I just want to leave on a final thought. Abortions should not be the new condoms. It is cheaper to go spend a few bucks and prevent many problems later. So many testimonies of people who regret having abortions, prevention is key. if a few bucks is what it takes to be guilt free years later it might be worth it my friends. personally I would like to add, if my prayers came true we would not be fornicating at all but honestly that is not the way of the world. Can’t make babies if you aren’t doing the deed.  But just putting how I feel out there so prayerfully people will not play with my words.  Have a blessed day people and this way only written for people to think about. You do not have to agree with me!

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