Hello Dear People

Since we are talking about the devil and innocent blood. i thought this comment appropriate. I pray it help a great many of us in Jesus name Amen! it is sad that people portray the devil as this. (was speaking of the red painted image) I speak the devil is real. The devil is a monster. Do you know innocent blood is shed? I did a video today about the youngest women to have babies. When a man enters a woman blood is shed. Jesus said the Blood of the innocent shall be on this generation. There are babies been raped, children murdered, and all we can say lets look towards heaven. None of us appreciate our lands we murmur and complain we forsake good and evil (the truth of such) and even call evil good. We paint portraits and laugh at things we don’t believe. We sit like cowards, Does the bible say the Righteous shall be bold as lions? there is none righteous for all have forsaken God. The devil is real my friends. he comes in the flesh and he deceives many. he tells them it ok to steal, ok to lie, and ok to fornicate, rape murder and kill. do all things evil and instead of God’s people calling out lies we promote religion. we sit in the four walls of our churches. we debate among our self i pray God give people a new tongue and may God fill us with boldness so we can speak to this generation. Nobody is even thinking about the next generation. If God does not come the world will be a sad state my friends. We can preach about Jesus or we can speak the Father whom Jesus spoke of. wrong is wrong and right is right and perhaps as it is written nobody even knows the difference in this generation. Indeed words to consider. Written in a Higher love then most can understand and that is truth friends I pray this help many people wake up, rise and do not be sleeping for if none speak shall their blood be on our hands? Words to consider

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