Thank God

Thank God for all the people who will smile at strangers. the ones who hold the doors open for strangers. thank God for those who do favors. Thank God for the people who genuinely do good things for no reason.  When I was a child My Mom sent me to the neighbors to look out for her. She was an elderly woman, a widow and she lived a lone, and we always went and looked out for her. I thank God for my Mom who taught be to be kind as a child. She told me treat people how you want to be treated. I never knew that was bible scripture until I got older and started reading. Thank God for my Mom and Dad who put the Word in me early even though I never knew it, now I read, I am so thankful my parents raised me in biblical principles. Was the best thing that ever could of happened in my life!


Even if the whole world does wrong I will live as My Mom taught me for my Mom is not here but she lives through me.  Each day as I live by the words she taught me as a kid, My Mom still lives. God bless my Mom, and God bless all people who do good. I pray many of us do not get weary but pray so we don’t faint.  Those kind deeds and gestures really can be like an angel to someone in their time of need. I been on the receiving and giving end and I tell you both have been such a blessing to see! I thank God for this.


I pray many people’s day is blessed and God help many of us be doers of that Great Wonderful Book many carry around!  How awesome that would be if people really loved the Lord and walked in statutes and not just put on fancy dresses at church, But really DO what is written in that Wonderful Book. what a wonderful world this would be. Just a Random thought-Blog.  Have a blessed day dear people. #ReflectingOnLIFE

Luke 6:31. The whole chapter is a lovely read! ❤ James 1:27, Mark 10:13-16, Galatians 6:9. Shalom! ❤



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