An active prayer life

I pray many people learn to pray.  Prayer is talking to God. it is alone time with God. It should become a habit and a life style. People who run marathons don’t just wake up one day out of the blue and say I am going to run 26 miles today. and they get up and go for it. I doubt any would make it if that be the case. Usually there is training and conditioning that is put in before then.


That is how prayer is. Some find it hard to pray. Some can only say a sentence. well Good! that is a great start! if you say one sentence today, Tomorrow work on two and next thing you know you will be ready to run that marathon! I found in my life, as I complained to God once and things got bitter. So I started thanking God for the things I did have. But I was being vain and only could see the things I didn’t have.  So honestly I had to look at other people and if I saw that I had more then them I started thanking God for it friends.  Because I have learned as little as I have many, many have less. So many things to be thankful for.


Well the same get a piece a paper and look with in. (at self) Look at your behavior, your life style. I am sure all of us have something we can work on. Pick a thing and start praying on it.  I would not ask for riches. I would try and ask for things for God’s purpose before then. meaning if your in sin pray your way out of it. if you aren’t sinning pray for others.   Praying in agreement with God’s will, will get you further then praying against God my friends. Just food for thought and growth.


Years ago they use to teach say your prayers when you first wake up. for many did not wake up and if you did that is something to thank God for my friends. They also use to teach, pray before you sleep. pray over your food, and pray before your trips.  I honestly consider this good advice. I also pray it is brought back in many lives. Just my prayers. have a blessed day dear people!

5 thoughts on “An active prayer life

  1. Wow fantastic prayerful post. Hi Michelle, Thank you very much for bringing up thoughts on prayer. I am still struggling with prayers. God bless you. I have just started an online degree program, hence I may not be able to make comments. Remember I am reading your post. God bless you dear friend.

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    1. God bless you friend. it is ok if you don’t comment. I am who I am with or without comments! 😀 although I truly thank you for your encouraging words and I am praying for you. and thank God for people like you. Long ago I struggled with praying myself. now it is like a speech to me. I pray the Lord be with you and your grades and may the Lord enrich you greatly friend in Jesus name Amen!


      1. Amen. I appreciate your kind words dear Michelle. I am really in need of your prayers and god’s grace. I want to score higher grades. It is so important for me. Thanks for being what you are. Remember you are loved and appreciated as you are. You have a very sincere and honest heart. 😀💕🙏💖

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      2. Thank you and as do you! and I believe God all ready heard us and will answer your prayers! I smile in anticipation of your good reports you will fill me with as the time progresses my friend!


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