A True Blessing

Man I tell you it is a true blessing to find someone who will read the Word with you. it is a true blessing when God has people pray for you. It is a true blessing to have people who will pray with you.  You know I am excited to talk about the bible with people. I love when they ask me questions and I get to say lets go read it.  I don’t just write about God, I live God and honestly I am so thankful when God waters the seeds I plant and people who I spoke to about God later seek me to speak about God. It is a true blessing.


I did not get this way over night and I have yet to find one on my level. I don’t think I am above anyone. I just know how much of my life is in God, and I know what others are doing. I once did all that stuff to.  I am happy to not do them. But at the same time I pray many who are like the former me grow to be who I am now, and I pray I can live to see it. That way when I am old people can sit and read me the bible and I will happily receive it. For there are not many that want to read. Some even feel tortured reading a verse or two.  I am not going to down you. I once did that too.


I pray God melt the wax on the hearts of many. I pray God fill you with that Holy Ghost Fire my friends.  I pray God set a desire in many to read their Word. I pray God give a new generation a passion for God the world has never seen before. I pray God add unto God daily in Jesus name Amen!


Was in early morning prayer and was looking at my life and just really thankful for every person God ever had send a bible message to me, send a person to pray for me. I thank God so much because now I know right from wrong. I know this is love. it is the only love I know and want to know. Thank you God for loving me so much to put people in my life who will bring me your Word. it is a blessing. I pray you answer my prayers from the morning God in Jesus name Amen!



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