An active prayer life

I pray many people learn to pray.  Prayer is talking to God. it is alone time with God. It should become a habit and a life style. People who run marathons don’t just wake up one day out of the blue and say I am going to run 26 miles today. and they get up and go for it. I doubt any would make it if that be the case. Usually there is training and conditioning that is put in before then.


That is how prayer is. Some find it hard to pray. Some can only say a sentence. well Good! that is a great start! if you say one sentence today, Tomorrow work on two and next thing you know you will be ready to run that marathon! I found in my life, as I complained to God once and things got bitter. So I started thanking God for the things I did have. But I was being vain and only could see the things I didn’t have.  So honestly I had to look at other people and if I saw that I had more then them I started thanking God for it friends.  Because I have learned as little as I have many, many have less. So many things to be thankful for.


Well the same get a piece a paper and look with in. (at self) Look at your behavior, your life style. I am sure all of us have something we can work on. Pick a thing and start praying on it.  I would not ask for riches. I would try and ask for things for God’s purpose before then. meaning if your in sin pray your way out of it. if you aren’t sinning pray for others.   Praying in agreement with God’s will, will get you further then praying against God my friends. Just food for thought and growth.


Years ago they use to teach say your prayers when you first wake up. for many did not wake up and if you did that is something to thank God for my friends. They also use to teach, pray before you sleep. pray over your food, and pray before your trips.  I honestly consider this good advice. I also pray it is brought back in many lives. Just my prayers. have a blessed day dear people!

Thank God

Thank God for all the people who will smile at strangers. the ones who hold the doors open for strangers. thank God for those who do favors. Thank God for the people who genuinely do good things for no reason.  When I was a child My Mom sent me to the neighbors to look out for her. She was an elderly woman, a widow and she lived a lone, and we always went and looked out for her. I thank God for my Mom who taught be to be kind as a child. She told me treat people how you want to be treated. I never knew that was bible scripture until I got older and started reading. Thank God for my Mom and Dad who put the Word in me early even though I never knew it, now I read, I am so thankful my parents raised me in biblical principles. Was the best thing that ever could of happened in my life!


Even if the whole world does wrong I will live as My Mom taught me for my Mom is not here but she lives through me.  Each day as I live by the words she taught me as a kid, My Mom still lives. God bless my Mom, and God bless all people who do good. I pray many of us do not get weary but pray so we don’t faint.  Those kind deeds and gestures really can be like an angel to someone in their time of need. I been on the receiving and giving end and I tell you both have been such a blessing to see! I thank God for this.


I pray many people’s day is blessed and God help many of us be doers of that Great Wonderful Book many carry around!  How awesome that would be if people really loved the Lord and walked in statutes and not just put on fancy dresses at church, But really DO what is written in that Wonderful Book. what a wonderful world this would be. Just a Random thought-Blog.  Have a blessed day dear people. #ReflectingOnLIFE

Luke 6:31. The whole chapter is a lovely read! ❤ James 1:27, Mark 10:13-16, Galatians 6:9. Shalom! ❤



A True Blessing

Man I tell you it is a true blessing to find someone who will read the Word with you. it is a true blessing when God has people pray for you. It is a true blessing to have people who will pray with you.  You know I am excited to talk about the bible with people. I love when they ask me questions and I get to say lets go read it.  I don’t just write about God, I live God and honestly I am so thankful when God waters the seeds I plant and people who I spoke to about God later seek me to speak about God. It is a true blessing.


I did not get this way over night and I have yet to find one on my level. I don’t think I am above anyone. I just know how much of my life is in God, and I know what others are doing. I once did all that stuff to.  I am happy to not do them. But at the same time I pray many who are like the former me grow to be who I am now, and I pray I can live to see it. That way when I am old people can sit and read me the bible and I will happily receive it. For there are not many that want to read. Some even feel tortured reading a verse or two.  I am not going to down you. I once did that too.


I pray God melt the wax on the hearts of many. I pray God fill you with that Holy Ghost Fire my friends.  I pray God set a desire in many to read their Word. I pray God give a new generation a passion for God the world has never seen before. I pray God add unto God daily in Jesus name Amen!


Was in early morning prayer and was looking at my life and just really thankful for every person God ever had send a bible message to me, send a person to pray for me. I thank God so much because now I know right from wrong. I know this is love. it is the only love I know and want to know. Thank you God for loving me so much to put people in my life who will bring me your Word. it is a blessing. I pray you answer my prayers from the morning God in Jesus name Amen!