Lessor is Greater!

I thank God for small numbers for it is hardly a time if ever God did things with huge numbers, for then it would be what kind of witness for God? God has never needed witnesses before. yes God had sent them out with others but God needs no witness friend for God bares witness of God and sometimes it is good to speak to a few people who will hear then thousand raging wolves.

I do not know how much I will be preaching, nor teaching for everything I do is directed by prayer. and honestly I will just do as God leads me and if God does not lead then I will sit and worship and honestly that is what makes me content. While many search for truth I am no longer searching my friends for I found out I had the truth God gave it to me in visions, only I was ignorant to the Word and honestly if I had just went to the Word first I could of saved myself hours, years of wasted time. I may not of doubted God. but honestly I am also glad this did not happen for I see many who know God and honestly they know not God in the same breathe.

God spoke to me a lot of things and over the last few days I just been confirming and I tell you when I say God never lies and instead of running around and doing this and that I think I will just relax, and have a good time in God. I pray many find the Lord and I pray many do it quickly. I also pray many look to God for God my friends and those are my prayers.

I come to understand there is only a few who speak as I and honestly they live in other lands far from me. But I thank God for the few I seen. it was only like 3 I believe but there are none who speak truth.none who call out sin and honestly it is as it is. People don’t want the truth or it would be spoken. People like candy coated doctrines. I mean I been speaking my message for many years and when I speak prosperity the people cheer me. when I speak false encouragement and over look sin then I am a hero. but let me say repent, turn from our sin. The end is real, so is hell not one like, the crowd goes silent and I been witnessing this for many years now.

God said do not steal, do not lie, do not fornicate, do not commit adultery. God is Holy my friends and I pray people come to understanding. Jesus did not die for us to continue in sin and that is truth. Sure we come to temptation but honestly that is where we say no. we flee, we run the other way. The Word was to equip us not to sin. It was not so we can say bless us God bless us and let us walk around cursed in our sin. but honestly I say this the crowd goes silent. not hardly any want the real GOD they only want their false gods that give them earthly pleasure which is only temporal and that is what it is. I will not cry for this world anymore for in the end days it is written I will make them speak in faces of flint and I suppose God has given me that face for years ago I thought this was the saddest thing now I understand why God told Jeremiah the same thing as God did me. Do not cry for these people anymore, I heard it years ago before I read it in scripture I thought it was the devil, but now I see even in my unbelief God has never lied to me.

I myself am just going to sit and praise God and honestly I don’t know anybody who does as I do. I don’t think I am special but I am speaking truth.It is written if they do not accept you wipe the dust off your feet and keep going for it will be like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and so it is.

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