Beat Down

When you get tired, run down, beat up, sat on, looked down on, put down.
When things don’t feel right side up, when you see no tomorrow.
when the lights go out, when you’re tired of being walked all over, stepped on, crushed by people who say they love you.

When you get put out, shut out. When your lost, feeling confused, when your down and out,  not feeling right in the head, When you feel helpless and hopeless, when you are on drugs, when you think there is not hope for you. When you fall, even if you slip. If I am around, I will catch you. I will not let you fall. I will stand by your side. I will bruise your ego. I will say out loud. hey don’t do that, stop! look around, examine. hey where you going? watch out, don’t look behind. I pray many people listen, for I am your real friend and I want you not to trip, or fall on your face. If you drag toilet paper on your foot, I will pull you aside and say hey look down. I will not shout it out, I will not embarrass you or hurt you, or say mean words to you.

When you are wounded, abandoned, tossed out, alone in the gutter, when you are down and can’t get any further. when your legs are crushed, when you can’t walk, when you see no answer, when you are about to give up. even before then, when you are blessed, when you rise, when you are standing straight, I pray we all make Jesus our friend. For through good times and bad times, and times of trouble, in your sorrow, in your hurting through good days, and all of your blessings, Jesus is there for us friends. I pray many get acquainted with our friend today and if you know not Jesus, I pray Jesus find you and keep you and help you rise up and stand on your two feet again and fix any broken pieces that may be with in. For Jesus is our friend my friends.


Let this message bless you and may our Lord Jesus find you, bless you and keep you. Written by Michelle, for the glory of God. Have a blessed day dear people! ❤

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