Why 12? or is it eleven?

You ever wonder why after all the crowds following Jesus, why did He only have 11 disciples? and why do we say there was twelve when one was a devil? Why did Jesus crowds grow thin? So everyone got a healing then left Jesus?  Where did those crowds go? Gotta LOVE Jesus. Jesus teaches us so many lessons in life. It is great to sit with Jesus but unless you’re forsaking sin all the Words and even the death of Jesus is in vain my friends!


When Jesus started talking about hell the people left. when Jesus spoke of heaven they left again. when Jesus spoke of anything that could save a man’s soul why did they all leave Jesus my friends?  Nobody wants to be good, but we all want rewards. We all want healing. money blessings but none of us want to obey God. Why my friends? Does it seem odd and strange that after all the people Jesus heald only 11 really followed? Is that a true demonstration of fake friends? Poor Jesus must of been born in today’s time for it seems to be the very same thing. But then they all say they would not of killed their Savior. …………… Then why do they still do the same even today, as then? why my friends?

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