Sorry for hurt feelings

Online sometimes things come off as ways they were not meant. I am not bitter. I hate none. I love all people. Everyday I am joyed. In real life people bless me, for my actions speak multitudes my friends. not hardly any in person have one bad thing to say about me. Hard to tarnish a good name my friends. and if people are walking in deeds. yeah there will be persecution but honestly the persecution is from the ones who are jealous. A lot of Christians are getting attacked because they point blame at everyone else and refuse to take plank from own eye first.


How can you call out others sin when you have sin friends? How can you say homosexuals are going to hell when you fornicate? That sounds like a hypocrite, and honestly to those who do that you have become a huge stumbling block to God’s Kingdom and all who do not produce fruit will be cut off. You can not come against God’s Kingdom like that friend. I pray we repent before we start accusing others my friends. Just strong advice to any who want to genuinely grow in God.

This is not a game. it is about life, it is about death it is about souls my friends. not all are called to preach. We are called to obedience my friends and before we open our mouths to cast judgement on others I pray we look with in and examine our self. and once we work out our own sin perhaps set your heart on love.  For you can not say I hate my brother and be God’s! it is just not possible. For Cain did kill Abel my friends and Cain is not sitting in heaven my friends.  Nor are other murders who do not repent. It is time for us to do good. it is time for us to grow. it is time for us to come to the fullness of God.


People hate to see people praised. they hate looking at someone more gifted them them. they want to kill the kindness in them, but to the ones you help they call you angel my friends you are a blessing to them.  No man will get into heaven with hate in their heart.


For hate deceives. hate kills. hate destroys, given to us by the destroyer also called the devil my friends. I pray many people armor up and grow in God and stop taking baby watered down gospels. Just some true wisdom for any who want to hear it them. I pray it be a blessing to somebody today for this are true kind words!  be blessed dear people!

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