Not here to play patty cake

I am not here to play patty cake with the devil. I am not here to pamper hurt feelings. I am not here to say a kind word and dance us off to hell my friends. God said speak TRUTH. speak Wisdom and those who will hear, will hear. I did not come to bow down before any other master then God.. God did not call me to act like a Christian neither does God call me a Christian. God calls me my Child. My Chosen. My set apart and I know who my Master is! I bow before God daily and God is the only one I will bow down before. I am not in subject to a man for I am unmarried and everyday I sit with my husband and obey my Father.

Is it not amazing how God can be two in one? For to me God is my Father and also my Husband. To some this may sound sick but this is spiritual, what is sick is when people do that my friend. So since God is the invisible being (Spirit) that made earth God can be man, woman, husband, wife, brother sister, because truth be told God is INVISIBLE and an invisible being (Spirit) has no sex! and as per scripture God can be my husband and my Father.


I am the bride of Christ. I am daughter of God. I am God’s, my friend and God did not call me to speak like the world for many who say they are christian never read their bibles, never lift up their eyes to God. many never even call on God then say boldly as to mock God I am a Christian. What a sad day we live in. and God is without a doubt separating the liars, from the truth tellers my friends as it is written in the end days it would be.


I am not coming against Christians, Neither am I denying Christ. most Christians don’t even know Christ is not the last name of JESUS whom they say they serve. anyways people don’t have to like me. You don’t have to follow me, but you can not change what God has all ready created friends, and I am created by God and made in the image of God and that is truth. So forgive me if I don’t follow traditions or act like your religion or even do as a few verses in the bible say. I read my Word whole and whole the Word has made me and truth be told I thank God for this and because of such I am head over heels in love with God! ❤


I pray many are able to get beyond their own imaginations so they can see truth loud and clear. those are my prayers. have a wonderful day dear people. and honestly to those whose feelings I offend I pray you get over them friend, for there will be a lot of people in hell who wanted to hear nice things and so they listened and off to burn in the fire they went. for the devil is passing out candy dishes and many are delighting in this sugary garbage. that not only rots teeth but also kills your soul. I mean didn't Judas kiss Jesus before he sold Jesus out?


I pray many are able to see true wisdom when it is spoken. Shalom dear people! You don't have to like me but I do pray you consider the words written have a blessed wonderful day!


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