Nobody Greater

I just want this to be the first thing read.  This is not an offer! totally not even interested in any worldly relationship!  Happy to just sit with God. Never found anyone who loved me like Christ loves me. Jesus does not leave us or forsake us. When I was not by God. Jesus sought after me. if a man sought after me like God does, I think I would be happily married. But that is not how it was in my life so I married Jesus and this song is in my heart! Thank you God for healing my mind and setting me free from earthly needs. Men love your wives as Christ loves us then perhaps women would submit more. Most want women to submit while they walk in pride, not like Jesus. I pray men go examine the scriptures and see how Jesus walked with the women and then perhaps we should all follow Jesus. for God called men to be the head and not the tail. But many men are being lead by their tales and not their heads and that is some simple truth.

I pray many of us walk as Christ walked and that is my prayers! I believe this scripture. Matthew 6:33. Please don’t walk with God to get a Godly husband or wife when you are not walking Christ like. it may be an unfruitful union. and We want all things Godly to grow, or at least I do anyways. but honestly my eyes are beyond worldly relationships. What is the good of saying Lord, Lord Lord, if you are not changing things? if you are walking in your old ways what be the good of praying Lord send me a godly husband or a godly wife? Why so you can destroy the things of God? I once heard what God brings together no one can separate, and I believe that.

Just a random thought. God help us all do things in order, in accordance to you Lord! in Jesus name Amen! 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 is an interesting read. Better to marry then burn, but I myself am loving this verse 1 Corinthians 7:34! 

This was inspired by Men Please Come back

7 thoughts on “Nobody Greater

  1. It is praise time and I am happy to sing songs to God! Amen! ❤ ❤ Lorddddddddd you reiggggggnnnnnnnnnn in victory! Jehovah Shalom! My Prince of Peace! because of who you are you are I give glory! Amen!


  2. Lifts my hands and praises and sings and sways! I love you God and I thank you so much for healing me! Thank you God I won’t ever go back to that stuff you healed me from! I thank you soooooooooooooo much God I pray I can be faithful to you as you have been faithful to me!


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