Men preaching to women

Just an observation I have made in my search for God and truth. I have seen a million 999 thousand videos of men telling women how to dress, how to act, how to behave, how to attract our husband. but I hardly ever see men preaching to men to be men, Telling them to get jobs, be providers, to dress manly. Hardly ever if even, do we see men speak to men on their dressing.  Seems it should be men should correct men before they sit and correct the opposite sex. I mean wasn’t that what Jesus was doing? Seems like Jesus was listening to the ladies. But it also seems like Jesus was rebuking men! My GOD Jesus you are amazing! I truly pray there be some who do indeed walk Christ like. Seems to be the new way is men point at women, silence them and that is without a doubt the opposite of what Christ did. Jesus told Mary it was not His time but He still turned water into wine. Jesus told Martha she worried about the wrong thing. Jesus told that woman he did not come to save her and yet still healed her daughter. I am trying to think. Did Jesus ever rebuke a woman ever really? maybe if so I am over looking it or not remembering.


Seems like many follow Paul so much it is like Paul is a snake and made the Words of Jesus have null effect, because that is what a snake would do. But Paul tells us to look towards Jesus and consider such things but most now a days lift up Paul instead of lifting up the Son of Man, why is that my friends? Did Paul die for our sins? is Paul a man or the Son of God? Is Paul equal to Jesus? I love Paul dearly but I do pray many people consider these things.

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