Hold my purse! Tossing down my pearls!

Do you know the bible starts to explain itself?  Out of all the versions I own, I love my King James version. Do you know that if you don’t look at foot notes, if you do not add the words of man to it, (meaning the study notes)  the Word Teaches itself?  This message is not for everyone. For seriously in order to find this to be true you have to spend A LOT of time in the Word. and then honestly revelation is given. but the hour we are in everyone will not have time to do such things, nor is it everyone’s calling. God only called some to be leaders. and even though people in their pride will not want to hear this. To be used by God fully you must fully offer your life to God. meaning you are the vessel my friend and it is a thin path to find and not for many to follow. I pray many are called to obedience. You can obey and not be a preacher. You can lead by example.


I truthfully don’t want to preach. I would love to write books about God. I would love to talk about God all day and night but honestly I pray God help men, be men again and let them teach on sin and the fullness of it. That would make my heart so happy. As a female, I would love to see men preach, But as a woman who had to be the man and woman. I got balls bigger then most guys, carried around in my purse. I wish this was not the way it is. but seriously what woman makes a man the head who’s head is not in Christ? NOT THIS WOMAN! I would rather be the head and the tail and all pieces alone, then submit to a man who does not know the Lord.


and I mean no harm, but honestly I been to a lot of churches and there are so many women and not hardly any men. No wonder ladies are being lead to preach.  Perhaps if men did what God created them to do, then women would be who God created them to be. Either way in the Word is is written cast not your pearls before swine. My friends I throw them down freely! if that is what it will take for men to rise up. take them! They are yours! Please keep them and use them wisely. Also lets keep in remembrance what the woman said to Jesus when He said I am not to save you. Matthew 7:6, Matthew 15:21-28


I pray men be men, for if you men have not noticed, I (all women) can carry many things in my (our) purse and the extra weight of carrying your balls around is really weighing my purse down. So it would be my honor to hand them to you and say please carry them and while your at it, will you hold my purse too? Or no? but my hands sure are tired carrying that extra weight around. Anyways God bless all people! I pray you find some wisdom in something I wrote, have a blessed day.

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