Can’t Be kind to everybody! TRUTH

It is simple we have to stop being kind to those who hate us. the only one Jesus was kind to that did not like Jesus was Judas. Other then that you won’t see Jesus being servants to those that hate him. We need to open our bibles and read them and stop being kind to everyone. You can not be kind to all people. Some people need an open rebuke like when Jesus said Woe you hypocrites. Jesus had emotions, and He did not love everything to death. Although He did love us until  death. He flipped money tables. He groaned. He spoke sharply to His disciples sometimes.


I pray many of us grow in discernment so we can stop being stepping stones for the devil. God said I will make your foes your footstool, not my Children into stepping stones. I pray many grow in God’s discernment so the Body of Christ can rise up and be the head not the tail and so that the devil will stop making donkeys out of many of us. Those are my prayers and they are biblical. I pray many of us grow in truth and fear not what they can do to our bodies,  but fear the one who has say over our soul. God did not come to play patty cake with the devil. God came to war with the devil my friends. I pray many of us get fully armored. This is not a game my friends it is LIFE and death!  Time for us to get real with God.


Also let us not fear hurting people’s feelings. better to hurt a feeling and speak truth then say a kind word and send them to hell because you were afraid to hurt a feeling. If you don’t correct you are in danger of hellfire. I pray many of us get bold for God friends. The luke warm will get stepped all over and made slaves to the wrong master. Time for us to grow up and stop taking baby watered down messages. Just keeping it real. Written in true love most of the world does not know at this hour, but I pray this truth help you wake up and you be able to receive it in Jesus name Amen!  An open rebuke is better then secret love. and also an open rebuke will save your soul!  Blessed are those who are unashamed nor afraid to correct any in the name of love and truth and honor!


God is separating His goat from His sheep and some he will call Christian and others will be called My Children!  Think on this friends! which do you want to be, my friends?


There is no hope for the next generation if nobody calls out sin, if we all spend more time worrying about feelings instead of their soul there is no hope for humanity and that is truth. In Old Testament which not all prophecy is fulfilled and when people read the bible they would know this to be true. if people don’t start speaking truth there will be no future only hell on earth and that is truth. pastors care to much for likes and feelings for the next generation to survive. The only reason we have made it this far is because of all the God fearing generations before. Heaven and hell is real and when the truth is not spoken anymore the end will be. Kind words sound fancy but truth is LIFE. and when people get over the fear of hurting people’s feelings then revival will come. These are true words whether people want to hear them or not. it the says the TRUTH will be spoken in the end not kind words. for only the devil charms and deceives people with his words and does not speak the fullness. Just words for all of us to consider. Shalom. I meant no harm.

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