Nobody Greater

I just want this to be the first thing read.  This is not an offer! totally not even interested in any worldly relationship!  Happy to just sit with God. Never found anyone who loved me like Christ loves me. Jesus does not leave us or forsake us. When I was not by God. Jesus sought after me. if a man sought after me like God does, I think I would be happily married. But that is not how it was in my life so I married Jesus and this song is in my heart! Thank you God for healing my mind and setting me free from earthly needs. Men love your wives as Christ loves us then perhaps women would submit more. Most want women to submit while they walk in pride, not like Jesus. I pray men go examine the scriptures and see how Jesus walked with the women and then perhaps we should all follow Jesus. for God called men to be the head and not the tail. But many men are being lead by their tales and not their heads and that is some simple truth.

I pray many of us walk as Christ walked and that is my prayers! I believe this scripture. Matthew 6:33. Please don’t walk with God to get a Godly husband or wife when you are not walking Christ like. it may be an unfruitful union. and We want all things Godly to grow, or at least I do anyways. but honestly my eyes are beyond worldly relationships. What is the good of saying Lord, Lord Lord, if you are not changing things? if you are walking in your old ways what be the good of praying Lord send me a godly husband or a godly wife? Why so you can destroy the things of God? I once heard what God brings together no one can separate, and I believe that.

Just a random thought. God help us all do things in order, in accordance to you Lord! in Jesus name Amen! 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 is an interesting read. Better to marry then burn, but I myself am loving this verse 1 Corinthians 7:34! 

This was inspired by Men Please Come back

Men preaching to women

Just an observation I have made in my search for God and truth. I have seen a million 999 thousand videos of men telling women how to dress, how to act, how to behave, how to attract our husband. but I hardly ever see men preaching to men to be men, Telling them to get jobs, be providers, to dress manly. Hardly ever if even, do we see men speak to men on their dressing.  Seems it should be men should correct men before they sit and correct the opposite sex. I mean wasn’t that what Jesus was doing? Seems like Jesus was listening to the ladies. But it also seems like Jesus was rebuking men! My GOD Jesus you are amazing! I truly pray there be some who do indeed walk Christ like. Seems to be the new way is men point at women, silence them and that is without a doubt the opposite of what Christ did. Jesus told Mary it was not His time but He still turned water into wine. Jesus told Martha she worried about the wrong thing. Jesus told that woman he did not come to save her and yet still healed her daughter. I am trying to think. Did Jesus ever rebuke a woman ever really? maybe if so I am over looking it or not remembering.


Seems like many follow Paul so much it is like Paul is a snake and made the Words of Jesus have null effect, because that is what a snake would do. But Paul tells us to look towards Jesus and consider such things but most now a days lift up Paul instead of lifting up the Son of Man, why is that my friends? Did Paul die for our sins? is Paul a man or the Son of God? Is Paul equal to Jesus? I love Paul dearly but I do pray many people consider these things.

Why 12? or is it eleven?

You ever wonder why after all the crowds following Jesus, why did He only have 11 disciples? and why do we say there was twelve when one was a devil? Why did Jesus crowds grow thin? So everyone got a healing then left Jesus?  Where did those crowds go? Gotta LOVE Jesus. Jesus teaches us so many lessons in life. It is great to sit with Jesus but unless you’re forsaking sin all the Words and even the death of Jesus is in vain my friends!


When Jesus started talking about hell the people left. when Jesus spoke of heaven they left again. when Jesus spoke of anything that could save a man’s soul why did they all leave Jesus my friends?  Nobody wants to be good, but we all want rewards. We all want healing. money blessings but none of us want to obey God. Why my friends? Does it seem odd and strange that after all the people Jesus heald only 11 really followed? Is that a true demonstration of fake friends? Poor Jesus must of been born in today’s time for it seems to be the very same thing. But then they all say they would not of killed their Savior. …………… Then why do they still do the same even today, as then? why my friends?

Women being Women

For many years I taught a wonderful message about the whole Gospel, but truth be told I pray men start speaking up and preach on sin and stop forsaking God. I pray you get some man into your step and be the bass God called you to be. I pray God teach you to be the head and speak on things for God in a manly manner. Those are my prayers for men.


But honestly i am a lady and God taught me many things. it is foolish for ladies to play both parts and to the women who want to be manly go for it. I been down that road. I am tired carrying extra weight that men were made to carry. God made men with chemicals, and organs and different manner things, I as a woman don’t have or own.


I did not scream out for woman’s lib, nor did I yell I want to be a single Mother. i was raise by two parents as a child and it was a true blessing to see. i saw ladies being ladies and men being men and I am so glad I got to see a glimpse of this generation! for had I of not I probably would be lost right now, and honestly I pray I be like one of them women of old. The classy women who know how to speak, how to dress, how to act. A natural born woman! not men dressing as ladies my friend. Nor men acting as babies, but a natural born woman!


A virtuous Woman my friend that is my prayers and as such I will start speaking a new message and I pray this message be a strong meat for us ladies.  For honestly it is a shame for a woman to teach men. if men be men then us woman don’t have to do what men should. How can a Mother tell a Son what their Father should be teaching them?


We all know men and women don’t think the same. maybe perhaps that is why there is so much gender confusion my friends and honestly I am not gay and I am tired of people telling me this is natural. NO IT IS NOT! Some of us never had a gay thought!  I might of been what the world calls a tomboy (which use to mean a girl who hung out with boys and did boy things-who knows what it means now) but never have I had a gay thought my friend and I am tired of people saying it is natural. NO IT IS NOT!  I mean if we examine nature it goes against creation my friends. so to call unnatural things natural just seems like a lie and I will speak it freely as many speak freely about their homosexuality. if you guys are free to be as you are, then I am free to be my natural self and I care not who I offend and that is truth friends. You all want people to consider your feelings but since I don’t feel like you I am not entitled to feelings? Yeah ok.


Anyways i pray God can fill me with a message to help us women be women, and if being a man is what you, want good luck with it my friends! may the Lord bless you and change your heart whether it be today. next week or tomorrow, and if we don’t agree, lets move on! for I am not the one to sit in crowds with people who hate me! WHO DOES THAT? seriously!  get a life, get a hobby, find happiness my friends. if my words bother you, do as I do remove yourself from me. For when people bother me I don’t stay around them period. I pray a lot of people be like me, for seriously life is to short to waste on haters. real talk and I thank you Jesus for teaching me this! What a WONDERFUL Teacher Jesus is!


Anyways God bless everyone! So if my words don’t line up to your religion or your feelings my friends. I am Michelle. Please allow me to be myself!  I love you guys just speaking things in the open so that way, who ever does not want to be here can leave now! Have a blessed day and may GOD restore GOD!  Shalom!

Hold my purse! Tossing down my pearls!

Do you know the bible starts to explain itself?  Out of all the versions I own, I love my King James version. Do you know that if you don’t look at foot notes, if you do not add the words of man to it, (meaning the study notes)  the Word Teaches itself?  This message is not for everyone. For seriously in order to find this to be true you have to spend A LOT of time in the Word. and then honestly revelation is given. but the hour we are in everyone will not have time to do such things, nor is it everyone’s calling. God only called some to be leaders. and even though people in their pride will not want to hear this. To be used by God fully you must fully offer your life to God. meaning you are the vessel my friend and it is a thin path to find and not for many to follow. I pray many are called to obedience. You can obey and not be a preacher. You can lead by example.


I truthfully don’t want to preach. I would love to write books about God. I would love to talk about God all day and night but honestly I pray God help men, be men again and let them teach on sin and the fullness of it. That would make my heart so happy. As a female, I would love to see men preach, But as a woman who had to be the man and woman. I got balls bigger then most guys, carried around in my purse. I wish this was not the way it is. but seriously what woman makes a man the head who’s head is not in Christ? NOT THIS WOMAN! I would rather be the head and the tail and all pieces alone, then submit to a man who does not know the Lord.


and I mean no harm, but honestly I been to a lot of churches and there are so many women and not hardly any men. No wonder ladies are being lead to preach.  Perhaps if men did what God created them to do, then women would be who God created them to be. Either way in the Word is is written cast not your pearls before swine. My friends I throw them down freely! if that is what it will take for men to rise up. take them! They are yours! Please keep them and use them wisely. Also lets keep in remembrance what the woman said to Jesus when He said I am not to save you. Matthew 7:6, Matthew 15:21-28


I pray men be men, for if you men have not noticed, I (all women) can carry many things in my (our) purse and the extra weight of carrying your balls around is really weighing my purse down. So it would be my honor to hand them to you and say please carry them and while your at it, will you hold my purse too? Or no? but my hands sure are tired carrying that extra weight around. Anyways God bless all people! I pray you find some wisdom in something I wrote, have a blessed day.