Spirit of the Living Waters

I pray we be thirsty my friends. thank God who is able to do all things. I once said we need to worship God our Creator whom no man can see. Someone approached me and said do things in decent and in order. and I said Maam I am. Although she did not allow me to speak. She thought she could silence me with a few verses. I replied, Maam you said in order. She rebuked me so she thought and left. I said wow. How can we do things in order and forsake order my friends?

She quoted me scriptures in the Word to show me God had a body and again she said decent and in order. So I said how can we say do things in order and you quote Moses to me my friends, I say let’s go back to the beginning. Did Moses write Genesis? is Genesis the first Chapter in the Book? My friend if you had allowed me to say I know there is the Image of God and then I know also there is GOD no man have seen. For man and woman are made in God’s image and if we examine the scripture we could see that. For God is often refereed to as a Woman also referred to as Wisdom my friends.

Heavens and earth were created and there was no man to til the Ground. God made Image first my friends. I pray many find truth in these words. For before men, (people) God made angels my friend even as the same as man, both woman also. and God said let us make man in our image. Please examine the scriptures my friend and you will see if I speak lies.

and the Spirit of God was on the face of the waters. perhaps this is why we must be born in the Spirit and is God the Water or not? What did Jesus speak to the woman by the well my friends? Why was Jesus able to forgive sins? I pray many of us get baptized in the name of Jesus for the remissions of sins. and by all means if you feel the need to follow traditions and religions then go get baptized in the flesh also. meaning let your person be dipped in water.

I pray many seek the Lord’s face, in Spirit and in TRUTH! and we drink the WORD until we thirst no more. that our cups be over flowed, that we sip it daily. that we take a bath in the Living WORD! Those are my prayers my friends I pray they not go out empty or void but that God add unto GOD and may we produce good fruit and reproduce and spread good seed all through the land and may God bring down the Latter Rain and may it water us, (and even shine your Son (Sun) upon us GOD!) and let it be of abundance, may it flow in to rivers, and may our rivers flow and feed trees, (water the fields) and fruits and may it all blossom for the Goodness of God in Jesus name Amen!

Written by Michelle, for the Glory of GOD!

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