Holy Ghost Speaking in tongues part 2

So this video, Holy Ghost Speaking in New Tongues (part 1) got me called a devil, called all types of things my friends. I pray God open the ears and eyes of the listener and may they see truth, hear it and may it be a blessing to them in Jesus name Amen!  The Spirit (God’s Spirit-The Holy Spirit) is TRUTH and it shall set us free! May we all put our eyes on God and as Jesus said. Follow me! Pick up our crosses daily my friends. Flee the flesh. Deny the devil. Walk in the Spirit. Feed it, meaning your soul and your spirit my friends. eat it daily, even if it be bitter. Eat it until it taste delicious my friends! taste and see the GOODNESS of GOD and may GOD have revival for I believe it is the will of God, no man perish but that we repent and turn towards God. Being baptize in the remission of sins means also forgiveness of sins. I pray we not let Jesus death be in vain. Nor God’s Word either. for it is written it shall not go out void neither return empty! May our cups over flow my friend Be Blessed in JESUS! and may GOD wash us clean with the TRUTH! In Jesus name Amen!


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