GOD is NOT a mystery! GOD is not a secret! GOD is NOT hidden my friends. GOD is NOT an image!GOD is NOT an it! GOD is NOT a people.  GOD is NOT a magician. GOD is NOT a show!   GOD is NOT dead. GOD is NOT a religion, nor a tradition! GOD is NOT a genie or the make a wish foundation! Nor is God most of the things men imagine. For men imagine all things wicked when they strife against Their Maker.


God does not work in magic my friends. GOD is The Holy Spirit. The INVISIBLE GOD!  That ONE that has said make no graven images. Worship no other gods for there are no other gods my friends there is ONLY GOD!


God is the invisible being that men have been warring against since the beginning. Jesus is God in the flesh which is also the Word made whole given to us by a virgin birth and for those who fight against let us consider we understand men just popped out of thin air but woman can not pop out a Child without a Father? My friends if we believe one, time to believe the other and let us not forsake one another for such as a time like this! when no man can comprehend the things God had planned for us. it is time for people to under stand GOD IS GREATER THEN THE HUMAN MAN (mind) CAN IMAGINE!  God is not made up my friends and the Spirit of God will prove GOD my friends.


For GOD IS the Spirit of TRUTH, which does bare witness! and before men created theories about GOD, GOD made man and woman and child also. I pray many of us come to knowledge of the LORD. May we sup with Jesus and partake of the GOODNESS of GOD my friends. I pray that revelation be given to many all through out the land. For God would not play games with people’s souls.


God would not conceal what God has always spoke in the open my friends! I pray many of us come to whole knowledge and we wholly seek the Lord and understand GOD IS HOLY MY FRIENDS!  and Love does solve all things, all mystery, all parables, all things men try to hide and debate and argue when there hearts are bitter and not made whole. For in order to be WHOLLY (holy) my friends one must seek the Lord wholly! I pray this message be written so many people can understand the mystery of the WORD!  For God has said from the beginning to the end. Sin not. These things are death unto us. Eat freely from the Tree of life my friends. or as Jesus spoke I am LIFE my friends. again I pray many come to complete understanding in Jesus name Amen!


Written by Michelle for the Glory of GOD!

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