God bless those

God bless those who encourage us with their words, with their stories, with their testimonies! God bless those who come in the name of the Lord, and God even bless the people who lead by bad example for those examples also teach us what not to do! God bless God and all the wondrous works God does for us daily. the parables God has many speak to us. the truth God has many preach and teach and even those who encourage us! God bless them all and I pray God multiply God’s fruit in the land in Jesus name Amen! I am off to enjoy my day. I pray many people’s day be blessed and filled with joy. I left some wonderful post as help to many. I pray we can look past my speech. it is written Moses could not speak the best and God used him so I pray God can use the speech of this woman in the same manner and may many be able to comprehend the things I say in Jesus name Amen! have a wonderful blessed fruitful day and God bless everyone today! and bless those who genuinely come to help us God. what a blessing it is! To be around those who will build us up, not knock us on our feet! Shalom dear people!


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