Today is a good day.

I can’t stop smiling. I been so happy all day. Even though today was trying. I tried to accomplish a lot of things and every time I did something someone came. or something happened and a lot of distractions prevented me from ever fully accomplishing anything. In my younger years I would of angered and been annoyed but today it did not bother me at all. I just been singing God songs. it has been a blessing to see how much I have grown and continue to grow. really thankful to have kept my peace. I pray many people’s day was blessed and if not I pray tomorrow be.

I did get many things accomplished but I had some editing to do and a lot of things to put on order so tomorrow hopefully I can get it all out there in the public. Life is a struggle and when you want to go forward it is hard enough doing so alone but honestly I pray many of us grow together and we all help each other. I am not one to chop off someone’s legs but I will help you stand on your two feet. I don’t want to be a crutch neither but I will be that person who helps you walk to get you off them crutches. Also I will not stand around and bring you glasses of water. I may to an extent but mostly I am going to say no my friend get your own water for if I keep serving you, you will never stand on your own feet.

I pray many of us have many good days to come and may many of us stand on our own feet again. These are my prayers. For I do know how it is to be wounded with nobody to help. But some will get help from people and you use that excuse to never help self. I pray many consider such things. God did not call us to be stepping stones, door mats, and people who gather in pity parties. Just words to consider friends. i love you guys and I pray my words don’t offend people but may they be a help mate to many, in Jesus name Amen!

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