Blessed be Your Name

This song has been in my mind all day!  the Lord gives, the Lord takes away. That is from the book of Job, who when was cursed never cursed God! Lord God let me bless your name at all times! Blessing your name will be my strength! I shall bless the Lord continuously!  Lord I come to you with praise and thanksgiving!  I thank you in the storms, in the peace, in the desert oh God. Psalms 63. In the wilderness, I will sing praises unto you God! ❤ Psalm 23, Psalm 121. Psalm 34. Amen!  So thankful to have a song like this trapped in my head! What a beautiful thing to be a part of!  I remember when I had other terrible songs trapped in my head, and those songs did not make me smile as I am smiling now!  Thank you God!! I am so glad to be  alive to bless you! Through all times I will bless the Lord! ❤ out of our lips we bless and curse? These things ought not be. May we bless the Lord continuously!


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