What you sway your hips too

Good old fashion rock music? Oh lets turn up (<-apparently a younger generation phrase that means, do drugs or drink) and sing songs about drinking, about doing drugs. lets sing these songs while we do our drugs? Cheers is this not fun? Ohhh I wish I had a man. I will listen to all these sad depressing songs telling me how I need a man, then wonder why I feel so alone. I will sing all these songs filled with hate and walk around wondering why I want to murder someone.

We become what we put into us. Music is a good source to get closer to God. Sing a bunch of songs about drugs and being lonely and a lonely booze drinker we will become. They did studies years ago about how music could influence people. Seems to be true. I would not go back to any other music! Glad to be delivered from the worldly stuff I use to put in me! Was a weight taken off of me when I changed what I put in me. I use to write many articles about such things. I have not for awhile so maybe it is time again.

Do not be surprised if the music you are listening to makes you act a certain way. Years ago they did studies on music. So these are not my thoughts but 100% proven in the past, and if any one wants to perhaps they can go find the facts. You know it is said Lucifer was the king of music, and his chest there are pipes and he sang a sweet tune as all the people followed him off to hell. They all swayed their hips and just followed away and they never saw the ditch they fell in for they were too busy swaying their hips to even notice that the music they listened to kept them in bondage. kept them hurting. kept them lying down in their sin. hurting over and over again.

The devil is real my friends. and God is Life and we have to come to understanding the devil is opposite of God and does oppose God. There is no love in the devil my friends. only death and hate, and sweet words that will keep you doing whatever you are doing, so that way you can keep on drinking, keep on dancing and be taken with the flood or fall into the pit and this is death my friends.

Many do not want to believe in God but the more you believe the more you see and the spiritual battle is real. When you come to find the devil only wants to devour us. then perhaps you’ll see why we need to be born again. it becomes real obvious to us. the devil is not our friend. and neither is his temporal gifts.

You drink to much and see how far that gets you. you keep sleeping around with people and see how your life goes my friend. I wrote many articles in the past about why we do not sin but honestly it is not a message a lot want to hear. They do hear it. it just is not received instantly. I have learned that now through out my years teaching it. I pray many people start to consider their actions. You may be able to lie about some things but once you hear the truth it becomes real easy to see the devil just wants us to die friends. and somehow over the years me saying things for LIFE have had many call me the devil. But my friends the devil is not coming against the devil. he is singing songs tell people to turn up, to be lonely and miserable break God’s laws, fornicate and then wonder why we are not happy. he tells us to drink and calls it fun but why are so many drinking to escape a life the devil did create. It is time for us to wake up my friends.

To understand God is LIFE unto us. I am so thankful God changed my music. changed my life, changed my heart. I did have to start hanging out with God and honestly it was the best thing I ever could of done!!! I have a peace and joy many on this planet do not have. I once did not have it either. The battle is real. you’re either hot, cold or being walked on because standing still is the worst option. I pray many find God, for honestly what is a friend who says slit your wrist? do drugs? get addicted? just die, because that is the new words for friendly? Seems to be true in the generation where many are calling good evil, and evil good. woe unto these people my friends. Matthew 6:22-23

Written so many consider. have a Wonderful day dear people!

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