Broken seemed to be a way of life for me. I got the long suffering part of the fruit of the Spirit. Easy to praise God when I am broken. Been broken so long when I was standing I did not praise God. I now know God allowed all these things because He was setting me up for my future to come. God did not want me to lose my soul. If I was born rich or became rich I fully confess in my younger years i probably would of spoiled the money away or even worst self indulged and I always use to say God kept me broke so I can live.

A Lot of things been happening in my life and I can see the things God spoke to me many years ago. I could not see before but I see it now. I just am thankful that God put me in a place where I will praise the Lord continuously. if I become super rich I will praise the Lord. if I become super poor I will praise the Lord. If I lose everything I will still praise the Lord. If I am placed on top I will still honor and praise the Lord. Really thankful to be at a point in my life I can do this.

The road was hard. the journey was rough. The storms almost killed me but somehow through it God built me in the finest material. The Lord was shaping me and honestly I am happy to be able to see it! I could not see it many years ago. I walked in faith. I had to for if I went by the things I seen I never would of made it this far!

It’s a lot people putting on shows for many people. it is many who say they are Christians. I pray they do not be tossed in the fire for lying but I also pray for those who are luke warm, or even the broken. I pray God help a great multitude of people grow in God and be doers of the Word.

God made man out of the dust of the ground. So if God can make a whole man out of dust, God can create wicked men into beautiful creation my friends. This is who God still is today. I pray God find many of you and build you up into something beautiful! have a blessed wonderful day dear people! Just a random thought. Shalom!

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