A Dream

I once had a dream, which I don’t dream often and most of the time when I do my dreams come true.  In this dream God spoke to me I had a name that I knew not. The name was Ariana. I wrote the dream out in great detail. I never claimed this dream to be of God, but in reality all things God spoke to me in the dream were true, but I never was bold enough to say I believed it. for I get tired trying to argue with people. When I woke up from the dream. I found all things God spoke to me were true and when I looked up the meaning to the name God gave me. it gave me goosebumps. I had forgotten all about this dream until yesterday. I was in a conversation and asked if I knew the meaning of my name. I said no. but honestly that was not exactly true. I looked my name up shortly after I had that dream. anyways This is just a random thought I been thinking about.


For in the dream God gave me that name. I was shown the past, and I believe I saw the beginning of time. I don’t really speak on it anymore. But the name God gave to me the meaning was very holy, or holy one. That lead me to do a study on my own name, and my name I was given at birth even has  mighty meaning to it. My last name means God’s last will.  My first name means, God like. which is also a female version of Michael who was God’s Angel, and my middle name is the female version of John, who was the baptist. which means God is gracious. I always thought that was crazy, because honestly my life is all about God. Was that an accident I got named these things? Was it on purpose? well both my Mom and Dad both claim my name was just pure coincidence, they neither gave thought nor care on the meanings. They just loved the names. Anyways just an interesting comment I blog on.


Sorry my friends this was not a post to exalt Michelle. for I have such a lowly opinion of my self and I don’t think I am holy at all, who is holy but God?  I know holiness is where my eyes are set and perfection if that be possible but I do know I am just Michelle. So there was no purpose to this. was just voicing my thoughts down on pen and paper.


But honestly maybe I am something I don’t know because honestly strangers call me many odd names. I know I have been called God. people have tried to bow to my feet. I immediately make them rise. I been called every religious name under the sun, but I also been called many evil names especially by religious people!  Now that is funny. I think anyways. People can label me what they want, as far as I know I am just Michelle. but somehow someway something about that conversation has been lingering with me.  even has me looking at my life.


Well in the Word it says let the lips of strangers praise you, and if your doing deeds, yeah sure some  might hate you (seems to be the ones who watch others praise you) but it seems the ones receiving your help label you something different, and to me it is their words that matter.  To the ones who did not follow Jesus they had all types of names to call him. but to the ones Jesus sat with and healed they called Jesus a savior! I also believe that is why Jesus told people not to tell anyone He helped them.


Do your deeds in dark, not for the favor of others to witness. Do them for you and God and then you will receive your reward. for doing deeds to be seen it not necessarily doing them for God. Sometimes men do such things for their own pride and ego and for them to be exalted as a hero. if I was a billionaire I would help so many people and honestly I would contribute anonymously.  Nobody but me, God, and the one who received my help would know. That is who I am my friends. Just a random thought. there was no purpose in this at all. Have a blessed day dear people

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