My Desires!

This I left as a comment I decided just to share in the open for this is my hearts desires! A question was asked, who  do you desire to be like, or who inspires you. You can find the original post here. a beautiful inspired post by Daily Bible Bytes for you


I want to be like Anna and David. I love spending time fasting in the temple and may I dwell in the House of the Lord forever and I love to commune with my heart on my own bed. Although I am not a man, but a woman. David is one my heart is set after, But I pray God take away murder and help me overcome any sexual immorality. I love so many in the Word! they all help me greatly! ❤ I also pray I be like Michelle and I give the right seasons needed for the dishes being prepared, may I have enough salt and pepper. May I serve fruit and meat and grains and all things for the Lord’s supper. all in the right seasons in the right timing! My desires! ❤

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