Forgiveness is Greater!

Amen! So I was watching this old Joseph movie, which none of the bible movies ever tend to really line up to the bible to an exact tee, but they sure are a lot better then most of the movies on today. This is a very old one, and people will argue skin colors and bible verses but the movie as a whole serves a good purpose.  So I quote a line from it. “Forgiveness is GREATER then vengeance, compassion more POWERFUL then anger! AMEN!


as a person who was not born perfect I tell you when I say it is a lot harder to forgive then it is to throw punches my friends! But man the power in forgiveness! IS GREATER! AMEN! This is a link to some of the movie quotes! was worth reading! and this was the movie! and I posted about Joseph in my video the other day.  I pray there be more Josephs the world in Jesus name Amen! I am just hanging out with Jesus today! What is everyone else doing? I pray your day is blessed dear people! Shalom! love you guys! ❤

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