Being Born Again

I will not argue water baptism. Here is what I believe on it. and also I apologize and not to say tongues is not real, or that God can not use them, but seriously my friends consider these words and see if they be true? Have a blessed day dear people. This is written as part of a bible study I did about Holy Ghost tongues.

1 Corinthians 13:8, Which goes really well with the next chapter. God uses the foolish things of the world to confuse those who just want to argue. (the wise as it is written in scripture, confound. Feel free to look the word definition up, and also the same in Romans Chapter 1 where Paul speaks a reprobate mind, same meaning all equal confusion)  The truth is in the Word. In the Book of Acts they did not speak the same tongues as today’s people teach. They spoke a language they all understood. God is the Word my friend and if you can not comprehend it.
To be born again. One must be born in truth for if one looks at the Words of Paul, the flesh is wicked my friends. And if we follow Jesus as we all say in John Chapter three. Jesus says we must be born again. That which is flesh is flesh. that which is Spirit is Spirit. and what is born of Spirit will be birthed into truth and their tongues shall bare witness my friends. For if we examine the Word the Word tells us how the Spirit speaks my friends. and out of fools, will become foolish conversation. and out of those birthed again they will only speak righteous things and their fruit will bare witness. Have a blessed day my friends. if you know not these words to be true, consider such things my friends. and humble before God daily. In Corinthians where many pull a few scriptures from. Paul speaks He was speaking to a carnal people. Please go look up the word definition for carnal my friends. Again start considering such things. I pray many start reading their bible.  Have a blessed day my friends.


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