Weight Loss Journey-Life Happens

So earlier this year I was priming up getting back in shape. I confessed I had put on weight. I was doing good. started to exercise. lost all this weight. I did a broadcast I was going to upload my progress. Then life happened. i got beat up. Actually beaten from a hair from death. That recovery took almost 3 months. Well sad to say it really knocked me down. After my body healed my mind has not been able to get back on track. Being bed ridden for more then two months really helped the pounds be put back on. The older I get I really try to exercise. I believe if you don’t use it you will lose it. It is just harder to maintain it because you just don’t seem to have the energy you did as a kid. or at least I don’t and I fully admit it. Not only did I have to heal from the physical aspect, there was a lot of emotional scars to overcome with that beating also.

Most of my life I was not fat. I was a health buff one could say. I did this for many years but in my 30’s depression hit me hard. I packed on pounds I had gotten to be over 100 pounds over weight. I lost it. I kept it off six years then I got lazy. and almost all the weight came back. Not quite but a lot did. So I was getting back on top of it and I am not going into much detail because honestly I don’t think it is my job to tell other’s sin so honestly I don’t really want to write too much. But I am back on my journey again. I pray this time nothing knock me down.

I am usually a strong minded person, and I was using my testimony to help others. I pray I can do that again. When I was 100 pounds over weight. I downloaded the bible on MP3 I took off walking. I started better eating and eating habits. and not even 6 months I had lost 80 pounds and gained muscle and I did it the healthy way. Never knew you could lose that much weight that quickly just by moving. or exercising. and also the level of my spiritually was the best healing. it was better then losing weight.

You know I am not really happy I got obese. But at the same time I am. it allowed me to see both sides. As a health buff I never could see how people allowed them self to be fat. I always believed being fat was a choice, and honestly I still believe that. Although I do know there are a few illness that put weight on you but other then that it is an excuse.

I got to see how people treated me different. I am not an ugly woman. Not being conceited I hear it often. But when I was huge. I just saw the difference in how people treated me. Honestly I was happy to be overweight because being hit on is a headache. Sorry my friends just being honest. But then also no matter how big I got always was someone who wanted me. I just am not a piece of meat and if you want me for my looks I will go out of my way to look tore up, because beauty fades. and I seriously don’t ever want to be loved by how I look. That is just who I am.

I always felt bad for people who were over weight. When I was younger it was a goal of mine I would go friend those large people and offer to go walking with them. I can not stand how everyone made fun of them. and I noticed the ones who made jokes never offered to work out with them. Bullies! So I would go ask them. Hi My name is Michelle. Want to go walking with me? and so we would. and I would walk with them or do exercise with them and they lost weight and I stayed in shaped. I did that many years my friends.

I would not want people making fun of me and since I got bigger I tell you I wish a me would come into my life. hard to do things on your own. I need a walking partner. but even if not I will still walk. Just instead of call people names why not offer to walk with them? if you are not part of the solution you are part of them problem. Anyways this was just a random thought. I need to get my work out on. Have a blessed day dear people.

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