Thank God for Restoration

Thank God for healing. Thank God for restoration. Thank God for providing jobs for many people. Thank God for doing a wonderful miracle in our lives. I have to really thank God. I see revival happening. I see restoration from just my prayers alone. it is a wonderful thing to witness and to partake in such things is a beautiful blessing! I pray many people get to witness the things I been seeing in my life. it is good to know God is in the healing business. Just feeling blessed. Thanking God early in the AM. Sometimes some of my subjects are not pleasant on the eyes but they are good for the soul. I pray people have a wonderful blessed day and may God add unto God daily.

As a messenger for God I know a lot of times we say things and we think our words don’t have an effect but when people are alone and we all think nobody sees us. My friends that is when those words become life savers. I pray my words bless many whether it be today, tomorrow or years from now. I know it will be and I just thank God in advance for being so wonderful to me and us and others. i will thank God for those who know not God and because of this thanks people will come to know God. This is a true statement. Have a blessed day dear people! Isaiah 9:6. God indeed is WONDERFUL my friends! ❤

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